The Shoku

Organization: Little is known of this group, considered to be the largest criminal organization in the Ninja World. What is known is that the Shoku hold several cities in each country as their base of operation. The members of the Shoku are varied, and thus hard to pin down or track. Missing-Nin are considered to make up the primary force of the Shoku, though this is unspecified.

Leadership: The Shoku are led by an enigmatic man named Hazuma Kyo, after that the varies forces are co-ordinated by his top five ninja, hand picked and chosen to serve as his right hand. Each member of the Shoku high command structure their contacts and individual ninja according to their own whim, but all pay homage to Kyo as their leader and in many cases a cult figure.

Uniform: While there is no stated uniform outside of Amegakure, all Shoku members dress in a simple black shirt, dark brown pants and heavy combat boots. All non-command members have a tattoo branded onto their back, an open black disk, that marks them as a member. Those of the High Command short of Kyo are given free reign on their uniform, so long as each carries a mask and a single heavy floor length trench coat. It has been noted that almost all members of the Shoku carry a sword.

Hazuma Kyo
Sasan Asorri
Yoshi (Deceased)
Tenkumo Zenryu

Lower Members

Chinatsu Rei
Kiriyama Alilah

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