This page will be for Just For Fun stuff, when we get to it. Motivational Posters, Omake, random facts about characters and the like.

And now, madness:

Zersk786: You know what I'd want to see? A music video of 'I'm on a Boat', but with the Shoku. :P
Innis Cabal: Kyo coughs, strange music suddenly blaring in the back ground.

-How Kyo can never be taken seriously ever again

Innis Cabal: Momo never needs chocolate. Ever.
-Why you don't take chocolate away from Momo. Ever.



Bikou Yuu's Sixteen Rules for Shinobi Everyone to Live By

  1. "Bikou Yuu is number one."
  2. "I'm also number two, so don't try to knock me off."
  3. "My disciple must aspire to be as kick ass as I am, otherwise he will run laps."
  4. "Good alcohol is great. Good women is great. Put them together and look for the a** trying to set you up."
  5. "Fire is always hot, no matter how drunk you are or if you think it's a genjutsu."
  6. "Just because your summons do it, doesn't mean you should. Flinging crap is never acceptable, neither is eating flys."
  7. "An old shinobi is a dangerous shinobi, after all, they lived long enough to get old."
  8. "The quietest shinobi is often the most arrogant, fear the loud one threatening to throw explosive kunai at you instead of the bookworm just watching. The loud one might just follow through."
  9. "Akira is number nine."
  10. "Never hit a lady but always smack a bitch."
  11. "When in doubt, go for the eyes."
  12. "A darkly colored cloak is the first sign of evil."
  13. "If someone tells you they are evil, don't wonder if they are joking, take them out."
  14. "Never trust someone with more then one soul, you never know when they might swap out."
  15. "Never trust people wearing masks, especially if they claim to be on your side. If they are an ally, why the mask?"
  16. "It's not gay if you were too drunk to remember what happened."
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