Otogakure (The Village Hidden in Sound)

The Village Hidden in the Sound is the shinobi villages of a minor nation, the Land of Rice. It only recently came into being when the self-proclaimed Otokage took advantage of the local lord's ambition and the dominant clan's desire to regain their former glory.

The leader is known as the Otokage, and what he says goes. Full stop.

Military Strength

Despite being a minor village, Otogakure still possesses a respectable military force. This is owed to a combination of two methods of accelerated growth favored by the village. The first tactic is to adopt war orphans from other villages, drawing in a variety of techniques in addition to an abundance of recruits who can blend in to other villages. The second is the namesake of the village, where willing recruits may undergo a ritual to alter their chakra, robbing them of the ability to use normal elemental jutsu in exchange for being able to use sound jutsus, which are considerably more intuitive.

Among the native ninja, the singular Fuma clan is a dominating presence. Their competence for chakra threads is part through bloodline affinity and part through technique study, a combination that has encouraged the pride and ambition that has allowed the clan to favor the newly formed village's methods.

Powerful Groups

Aside from the very public influence of the Fuma Clan, very little is known about the internal workings of Otogakure. There is some speculation, however, that those who undergo the sound ritual have developed a loose camradre, as have the war orphans of various villages. The latter, however, are also speculated to distinctly isolate from one another based on the villages from which they were orphaned.

Foreign Relations

The active effort by the Otokage to get Otogakure respected by the Five Great Nations as a power on the continent has left the village in a fairly poor diplomatic position. If not for the Land of Rice's namesake farmlands and the political implications of isolating another Hidden Village, they would likely cut off ties entirely.

The Hidden Village

Otogakure itself is actual a series of bunkers hidden under the Land of Rice's capitol city and primary trade hub, interconnected by a series of tunnels. Some are isolated within the structure from the surface, some are connected to the surface by inconspicuous backalley accesses, and a few can be accessed through stairs from key surface facilities: The palace grounds of the Lord of Rice, the Fuma Clan estate, and the Otokage's private dojo. Where those accesses are remain a secret of the Sound Ninja.

This tunnel and bunker system is frequently employed by the Sound Ninja to move about the city unseen, allowing the presence of the Hidden Village to have a minimal impact on the daily life of the Land of Rice. More importantly, it allows the Sound Ninja to strike invaders from the west, then move to aid evacuations in the east while avoiding the flanking force in the south.

People of the Hidden Sound

The ninja of Otogakure tend to come in three separate mindsets. The Fuma Clan has been tainted by ambition of late, ever eager to do what they are called upon to do. The clan is a large one, either having notably dark or notably light hair depending on the sub-house. The ninja who undergo the sound ritual are primarily local, and tend to carry a notable amount of local pride. They favor the traditional uniforms more than most, concealing their faces and giving them a sense of uniformity. By sharp contrast, the war orphans are varied in persona and appearance: Dark skin from the Land of Lightning, sharpened teeth from what was once the Blood Mist Village, and tatooed faces from the Land of Wind.

Recent History of the Hidden Sound

Until recently, there was no Hidden Sound Village. The arrival of the Otokage was heralded by a reduction of crime in the streets of major villages as war orphans who had to resort to crime were adopted into the Land of Rice.

Kage: Chains
Jounin: Fuma Kyuu
Tokubetsu Jounin: Ichirou Goya
Genin: Fuma Nirou, Kumo Youjo, Manriki Kin

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