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At a glance Kusanagi, the Grass-Cutting Sword, resembles a jian, having a long, straight, two-edged blade. However, instead of a one-handed blade around 3 feet long, this sword is clearly a two handed weapon. With a 1'9" long handle and a 5' blade, it is an unusual weapon for an unusual warrior. It has a very faint bluish-white tint to the steel, signifying the chakra affinity of the blade itself. The handle is black-stained wood wrapped in dark grey leather. The guard is a small, simple oval shape.

Between the unique alloy used in its construction, and a large number of tiny seals engraved all over the sword (also at construction), it is capable of easily channeling chakra. As well, the seals and alloys mean this sword is extraordinarily sharp and hard. This allows the user to further enhance the already sharp nature of the blade. The blade itself seems to only properly channel either raw chakra or wind-aligned chakra. Others seem to sputter out with no affect if the user were to try channeling them into the sword.

The other unique property of the blade is connected to the sheath. When placed in the sheath and a small amount of chakra is channeled, Kusanagi and sheath shrink to the size of a tanto. When drawn, it will not resume its natural size until the special seal is deactivated through a similar application of power. The sheath can be brought to the full size of the blade for long-term storage as well.

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