Konohagakure (The Village Hidden in the Leaves)

Konohagakure, the largest of the five Great Hidden Villages, is the home of thousands of citizens and hundreds of ninjas and the largest shinobi village within the Land of Fire. Like all of the official villages, the ranks of shinobi are divided into Kage, jounin, chuunin, and genin. It is widely known as a Village of strong blood lines, stronger ninja, and of world famous ramen shops. Its most well known feature is the great mountain that towers over the village, the faces of the great Hokage forever etched into its surface. Konoha left the last great ninja war with many enemies, its current leadership a strong and dominating Kage, yet despite both, strong borders and even stronger ties to their allies.

Konoha seems to be a mostly temperate area, having cool winters with snow, to warm summers and powerful thunderstorms. While it does not see the amounts of rain its neighboring countries, plentiful rainfall in the spring and fall make it a fertile and often times self sufficient village. Mountains and rivers make for natural defenses for Konoha, and its relatively advanced technology has given it a leading edge over many of the poorer villages.

Military Strength

Konohagakure's military strength, both shinobi and para-shinobi, are considered by most to be the most powerful fighting force in the entire shinobi world. This cannot be exactly verified without accurate counts of the other Hidden Villages' strength, but the number of shinobi contracts they receive and their consistent excellence in executing them is evidence to this truth. The vastness of Konohagakure's ninja resources alone poses a strategic challenge to its leaders, which is why the Hidden Leaf's organization of its forces is second to none.

Konohagakure's ninja arts are as powerful as they are diverse; in the last Great Ninja War, shinobi from the Hidden Leaf time and time again displayed cunning, resourcefulness, stunning determination, and a dedication to their village and to each other that could always be relied upon to completely overwhelm their enemy. The many great families of Konoha have developed many advanced techniques that are passed down within their families. These include the Aburame, Nara, Ito, Akamichi, and Yamanka clans, each of which have developed unique jutsu and techniques over long years of experimentation and refinement. On top of this, the Hidden Leaf is home to many extremely powerful Kekkei Genkai, including the infamous Sharingan and Byakugan doujutsu Bloodlines. All of these make the Hidden Leaf village a dangerous foe and a powerful ally in the tumultuous world of ninja. Perhaps the least known fact is the extensive network of informants, contacts, and spies in foreign nations that the Sandaime maintains, likely because knowledge of these infiltrators would likely result in the death of those agents. Still, they ensure that no major act goes un-noticed by the Sandaime or Konohagakure as a whole.

Powerful Groups

Konoha is well known for its various long lived and established families, and consequently their numerous bloodlines. This has made many of the surrounding Villages and countries jealous, though it is also one of the many reasons Konoha has seen so few attacks on themselves outside of the Great Ninja Wars. These bloodlines vary, as much of anything related to Konoha, but there are several powerful and dangerous bloodlines that have been noted among the relatively common ones.

Within Konoha, the military police, operated mostly by members of the Uchiha clan, deals with criminal activity and traitorous shinobi that may pose a threat to Konoha. Ordinary law-keeping forces can be overwhelmed by criminals in possession of advanced ninja techniques, and therefore superior anti-shinobi forces are required to keep such criminals that might otherwise be above the law in check. The Uchiha clans are especially well suited to this duty, as their bloodline enables them to counter and dispel ninja techniques with ease. In addition, the Military Police of Konohagakure deal with Rogue ninjas, Missing-nin that abandon the village and take with them important secrets and knowledge of the Hidden Leaf's strengths and weaknesses that could be fatal in the wrong hands. The ANBU Black Ops of Konoha are also active in this respect, but tend to focus more on Missing-nin that have fled to other countries where Konohagakure no longer has official jurisdiction. Within the Land of Fire and nearby allied countries, the ANBU defer to the Military Police for investigation and retrieval of Missing-nin.

Another powerful powerful group is the ANBU, highlighted below.

While not an official group, it is a seeming tradition that all Hokage’s teach a squad of ninja, which typically become powerful members of their communities. This is not always the case, but the varied degrees of success have provided many powerful end results, making it important to note.


The ANBU Black Ops (the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad) are not directly affiliated with the Hokage or any other authority of the Hidden Leaf, and cannot actually be proven to exist at all though all Villages know of the rumors of them. Though to most ninja of jounin level or higher the ANBU Black Ops are merely a fact of life, outside of Konohagakure the ANBU Black Ops exist only as a series of ill-defined rumors and unexplainable examples of their handiwork.

Though the ANBU Black Ops do not have any official connection at all to the Hokage, their forces do operate under the Hokage's orders and are hand-picked for duty by the Hokage him/herself. However, in many cases the Hokage cannot be connected to any form of involvement in a particularly tricky situation, thus the "Black Ops" part of the squad's name. Many critical assassinations and other delicate ops happen without the Hokage's knowledge or approval, furthering Konoha's interests without putting them at risk for political retribution.

The ANBU Black Ops are the village's secondary information gathering operation, as well as representing nearly 100% of Konoha's involvement in other countries. This usually involves retrieval or termination of missing-nin in order to protect Konohagakure's secrets, but also includes high-risk information retrieval, sabotage, Assassination, assistance of willing defection to Konoha, and retrieval of other nation's Missing-nin for questioning and examination.

Foreign Relations

Konoha is a well known ally of Suna and Kumo, its ties to Iwa and Kiri are strained and rather murky respectively. Konoha has been the seat of multiple chuunin exams, all in the hopes of drawing allies in from the world of Ninja’s. Recent developments have seen Konoha take the Land of Grass under its protection, the benefits and repercussions of this act are yet to be seen. It is certain


It is said that the current student of the Hokage, Tomoya, carved the giant face of the Nidaime Hokage into the mountain all by herself with liberal use of explosive tags.


Kage: Sandaime Hokage

ANBU: Katsutaba Enrou (Captain)

Jounin: Genji, Raiden Homura, and Takata Arahasa
Tokubetsu Jounin:
Chuunin: Hatsumi Sokaku, Satake Tomoya, Senga Thum, Takumi Ryouichi, Wakahisa Yuuta, and Yamatchi Katsuo


Nobu Goro

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