Iwagakure (The Village Hidden in the Rocks)

Not much is known of the secretive village of Iwagakure, due to its difficult terrain and its history for tyrannical, despotic Kage. What is known is that Iwagakure sits as one of the leading causes for the last Great Ninja War, its Kage wishing for more power, more land, and more control over his people then ever before. It is also known that Iwagakure suffered a horrendous defeat at the hands of the other nations, losing much of its standing in the Ninja World in the aftermath of its self created world war.

Iwagakure is located in the Land of Stone, a harsh and mountainous landscape with slopping plains and little plant growth. In the past Iwagakure traded heavily with the Land of Grass, but recently such trade seems to have ground to a halt. The leader of the village is the current Sixth Tsukikage, a young boy who is said to possess the power of a god.

Military Strength

Iwagakure boasts a wide selection of ninja, typically hardy and serious of nature. Training of these ninja has remained a village secret for generations, though the products can hardly be argued away as insubstantial. Iwa-nin are well known to favor the Earth Element, while the Water and Lightning Element are incredibly rare.

Powerful Groups

Iwagakure contains several Bloodlines, though due to recent events it is not certain if these blood lines have remained as strong they had in the past. The only known bloodline known outside of the village is the Hazuma Bloodline. It's exact boons and deficiencies have been lost to the annals of time, though a wise or meticulous ninja might very well be able to dredge something up.

The Hunter-Nin of Iwagakure are known as the Stone Eaters, though their numbers and exact range of powers remain unknown. It is rumored that the entirety of the Stone Eaters were wiped out in a cataclysmic battle ten years prior to the alliance between the Land of Rain and the Land of Rivers.

Foreign Relations

Unsurprisingly, Iwagakure continues to suffer under the oppressive stigma its fore fathers created, one of military conquest, cruelty and stoic acceptance. While the Kage is of a young age, the ruling council has plunged Iwagakure into a isolationist period to gain back its much diminished strength. Its allies are few, its friends fewer and its enemies powerful. The ruling council is quite well aware of their precarious situation, thanking the natural defenses of the Land of Stone for their continued existence as a Village.

People of Iwagakure

The people of Iwagakure are a hardy people, rich in forgiveness even if poor in spirit and wealth. Before the previous Kage, most non-ninja lived in terror of the Kage and the Stone Eaters, who at that time served as his personal guard. Now that the Council has taken over, the regular populous has been able to eke out a small living, farming and other trade crafts slowly working their way back to the forefront of Iwagakure culture as the self imposed isolation draws ever onward. Skin tones tend to be a rich tan from the sun, dark hair and even darker eyes. The people of Iwa are said to have serious dispositions and a lack of humor, favoring hard work over frivolous things such as dance, acting or comedy.

Missing Nin

Hazuma Kyo
Kitakawa Kanaye

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