Elder's Sword

Current owner: Mori Ryoma
Previous owners:

This sword looks like a western longsword with a battered and rusty edge. A long, thin silver chain connects the hilt to a bracelet on the wielder's right wrist. It's a very plain looking weapon, and rarely catches anyone's attention. However, it's made from very hard and tough alloy, allowing it to withstand stress that would break lesser blades. Unfortunately, this also makes the thing "darn bothersome" to sharpen, requiring great strength or Wind chakra to cut anything with it.

Also known as the "Blade of Memories", the blade is one of the less known artifacts of the ninja world. It gradually absorbs chakra and mental responses from its wielder, slowly turning him into hollow, mindless husk. When a new wielder then draws first blood with the blade, it feeds all accumulated experience and power to its new bearer. The reason why this is not widely known is that most wielders have gone insane in the process, entering catatonia or mad bloodlust and perishing before telling anyone. Few have managed to 'tame' the blade and harness the stored combat prowess of their precursors.

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