Differences From Canon
  1. There is no Akatsuki, instead the Shoku are the dominate criminal organization
  2. The Bijuu are not the same kind of creatures, in most cases.
  3. It has come up enough to bear mention, the Sandaime Hokage is nothing like the Sandaime Hokage of canon. He's is not a particularly kind man and is more akin to Danzo then Sarutobi Hiruzen.
  4. Each village has at least one organization that is unique to it. (Konoha has the ANBU and ninja police, Kiri has the Undertaker squad and used to have the Seven Swordsmen, Suna has the Puppet Corp. and the Sandwalkers, etc. etc.)
  5. The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist do not have the same swords as from the canon, even if some of the names may be similar.
  6. The Land of Rivers has merged with the Land of Rain.
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