Yua Rin
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Name: Yua Rin
Classification: Genin, D-Class
Birthdate: March 15th
Age: Fifteen
Height: 5'7"
Weight: ?
Blood type: AB+

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire
  • Team 7

Appearance: The only MAJOR changes from the above picture is that she wears her forehead protector over the buckle on her hat, both gloves are fingerless, and her skirt is a bit longer for modesty's sake.

Personality: Rin is a highly excitable and cheerful girl, product of a healthy upbringing and parents who admittedly spoiled her a bit. When she first entered the Academy she was an outcast at first for dressing like a weirdo until she won over others with practical jokes and humor. Seemingly able to bounce back from anything, her indomitable spirit is a source of great relief for her team-mates, even if the resulting over-confidence has gotten her into more then a little trouble as well.

Despite being from a well off clan, Rin believes it can rise even higher still and plans on doing that through advancement in the career of being a shinobi, aiming to enter the elite ANBU unit as soon as she can. Her team, obviously, is a great part of that and Rin does her best to ensure her friends are safe and happy, even if it means meddling a littleā€¦

Element: Rin's chakra affinity is Suiton.

Bloodline: While not a bloodline, it is worth noting that almost every member of Rin's family, who becomes a shinobi, has always signed a pact with the Snakes. Rin is no exception to this.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning technique) - Almost self-explanatory, Rin is able to summon snakes to her side to aid in battle. Though, aside from from some small vipers or constrictors about as big as herself, she is unable to use it to massive effect.
  • Snake Replacement Jutsu - Rin's trump card and one of her clan's most often used jutsu, this technique is almost identical to the standard replacement technique. However, instead of a log, the replacement is a mass of small vipers that bit and try to coil about the one who attacked them. Their venom is not particularly potent, but it is potent and can paralyze a limb if envenomed enough.
  • Water Release: Venom Blade - Rin's most often used technique, it uses nearby water to sheath her saber in a layer of painful venom that wears off after about five strikes.

Ninjutsu: Rin knows the basics that almost every student of the Academy knows and some jutsu to help her hide but is otherwise un-proficient outside of minor suiton techniques or summoning techniques involving serpents.

Genjutsu: Non-existent.

Taijutsu: Rin's primary focus, she funnels her training to apply specifically to her saber. While not an expert (yet!) she is quite adept at it's use and can inflict devastating riposte in the right conditions. Mostly she focuses on slight cuts, more so to inflict venom on her opponents then to try and score a deep cut.

Special Abilities:

  • Snake Pact: Like all her clan, Rin has signed a pact with the Snake clan.
  • Strength: Only average for a genin, Rin is content to be able to at least attempt to block a stronger opponent's blows.
  • Speed: Nimble and swift for a genin, this is obviously the taijutsu style that Rin favors the most as her speed can show.
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