Wakahisa Yuuta

Name: Wakahisa Yuuta
Classification: Chuunin, B-Class
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Sixteen
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 165 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: B

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: A tall young man, Yuuta certainly lives up to his name (Leisurely and big). He has brown eyes, and a fairly round face. His dark brown hair is usually kept at the stage right before mullet, and he has long bangs. When not on a mission, he tends to wear an open dress shirt with a t-shirt underneath, and black jeans. On a mission, he wears the standard Chuunin vest with a dark green shirt underneath, and loose gray pants. He keeps kunai at his belt, and a scroll-case at his hip. He wears his Leaf-Village headband around his neck.

Personality: Yuuta generally acts relaxed, and avoids confrontation when possible. He can't stand seeing violence, and will actively try to stop it, sometimes causing him to charge in when stealth would be a better option. He's an avid reader, and a terrible artist.

Element: Unknown

Bloodline: His signature jutsu has been used by his family for generations.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Folding Technique, Paper Mastery No Jutsu! - Yuuta can use an advance form of origami, and create a variety of things with paper. Including golems, ninja tools, and modes of transport. He uses a special paper that's waterproof and slightly heat-resistant.
  • Infinite Folding- He can fold a piece of paper so much that it achieves the hardness of a blade, but almost no flexibility.

Special Abilities:

He has a pretty good control of chakra, but his true strength lies in the ingenuity of his paper tools and physical combat.

General Duties: Yuuta usually goes on missions with other Chuunin or Genin. This often leaves him away from Konohagakure, much to his chagrin. He loves spending time back home, and will usually buy all of his friends a drink when he gets back, usually spending all of the money he makes from his missions.

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