Umari Susumu

Name/Rank: Umari Susumu, Jounin
Classification: A-Class
Birthdate: July 11th
Age: Thirty
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 70 kg
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB-

Appearance: Susumu is a stocky brown-haired Jounin who appears to prefer loose dark blue clothing. He appears to have no other immediate belongings other than a Kunai pouch strapped to each leg and a slim metal box that runs down the length of his back, painted a dull dark blue and with small furry tassels attacked to make it less obvious. He where's dark blue fingerless gloves with ridged metal plates over the knuckles.
His skin has the light tan of someone that has spent only a little time in the sun, and probably only recently, and his broad face adorns a pair of dark brown eyes, that are often overshadowed by thick eyebrows, especially because he has a tendency to squint when he is outdoors.
Personality: Susumu's is an eccentric, yet anti-social character. While he thrives off human contact, as most of his time is spent privately he can fail to grasp some social nuances, and thus he is also poor at reading peoples reactions. His warm baritone voice contradicts his easily excitable personality. When fighting he has been known to laugh, both when losing and winning and he seems to regard most combat as a game.
Bloodline: Whether or not Susumu has a Kekkei Genkai has been a subject of some debate. While he has almost perfect chakra control, he also seems to have seemingly limitless reserves… Why, this is unknown.

Susumu's bloodline allows him to natural incorporate any chakra injected into himself into his chakra pool without any damage to himself. This allows him to store chakra in scrolls, then absorb it into his chakra system when needed.

Notable Jutsu: What jutsu does your character use the most often? It's entirely possible to deviate from this list, but try not to do so very much.

  • Hosen no Jutsu - The user uses the palms of his hand to direct a burst of flame that travels in a thin line.
  • Kirisen no Jutsu- The user uses the palms of his hand to direct a thin line of water that slices through all it comes in contact with.
  • Chakra Juuten no Jutsu - Susumu replenishes his chakra reserves from seemingly nowhere.
  • Doton: Doryuheki - User spews a wall of earth out of his mouth to protect him from most direct attacks.
  • Doton: Dochu Eigyo no Jutsu - User sinks into the ground and can move around freely as long as he doesn't run out of air.
  • Doton: Shuurenkobushi no Jutsu - One of Sususmu's least used techniques, but worth mentioning as it is designed as a last resort against enemies with powerful shields, punching his fist into the ground, Susumu pulls as many the hardest available minerals possible and forms them into a smooth drill around his fist, which he then proceeds to spin at a rapid speed (Which makes the ground appear to crumple around his punch and burst as he pulls the drill from the ground) The drill can puncture most shields, but requires close contact to keep it at a fast enough speed to cut through anything harder than steel.
  • Doton: Shuurenenka no Jutsu - Takes the drill from Shuurenkobushi and "fires" it at high speed.
  • Han Bushin/Han Iwa Bushin no Jutsu - A sealing tag creates a self perpetuating clone/earth clone (that will continue to reform) until the seal is destroyed or the chakra in the seal runs out. Rarely used due to the cost of creation.

Fuuinjutsu: Susumu is essentially a ninjutsu fuuinjutsu expert, as he uses scrolls and stored chakra to be able to use powerful ninjutsu techniques for long periods of time.

Ninjutsu: Susumu strongly focuses on earth jutsu for both defense and offense (Which is his elemental affinity), though he also has access to some water and fire jutsu for alternative attacks. Rather than completely specialising, Susumu has a large number of less powerful jutsu that he uses as his "toolbox" for attacking his opponents weakness, as he has both close and long-range jutsu at his disposal of all different types.
Susumu has learned several emergency first aid medical jutsu; notably he has created a seal (applied to the back of the neck) that totally relaxes the body of the person affected allowing surgeries to be performed more easily on stressed patients/enemies.

Genjutsu: Susumu's excellent chakra control gives him some grasp over the field of Genjutsu, but it doesn't hold the focus of his interest. He has been known to use mild Genjutsu to confuse his opponents, but doesn't like to rely on it due to the abundance of sensory type ninja there are.

Taijutsu: Susumu's Taijutsu is neglected, but still strong. He mostly uses Kenjutsu against any Taijutsu specialists he faces, utilising a pair of tanto's sealed into his wrists to keep them distanced from him so he can cut them down with ninjutsu.

Special Abilities:

  • Strength: Susumu isn't a particularly powerful shinobi, focusing more on attacks that penetrate defenses rather than crush them. His precise chakra control allows him to enhance his strength, but not notably.
  • Speed: Susumu is fast (especially when aided by chakra which he has in seemingly abundance), and uses this speed to overwhelm opponents before they have time to react. However his reflexes are slightly worse than those of an average Jounin, so he relies less on dodging and more on physical barriers to keep opponents away from him.
  • Strategist: Susumu specialises in dealing a killing blow to his opponent as quickly as possible through deception to open his opponents guards.
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