Tenkumo Zenryu

Name: Tenkumo Zenryu
Classification: Missing-nin, S-class
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230
Gender: Male
Blood type: O+

  • None
  • Previously Kumogakure

Appearance: Zenryu is both rather tall and well built, with eyes so brown they can appear to be yellow. He wears his hair long, and it is jet black. On his back is a white circle with the golden kanji of justice in it.

Personality: On the outside, he is seen as calm and collected, and can be rather quiet until he wants you to hear him. He is strong willed, for in his head nine monsters try to sway him daily, and he is dedicated to a strict code of justice to keep himself from falling to madness.

Bloodline: None

Elemental Affinity: Raiton/Fuuton (See special abilities)

Notable Jutsu:

Naraku keimusho no jutsu (Art of the Hell Prison)
Nine demons in human flesh once roamed the country side, killing innocent an ninja alike. When Zenryu's team was used as bait against them, he saw his best friends and mentor (the closet person to a parent he had ever known) painfully killed before his eyes. Later in life, he learned the Art of the Hell Prison.

A forbidden jutsu, it traps the spirits of its targets into a seal that is placed on the user's body. This allows the user to not only use the trapped spirit's elemental affinity, but also allows them to use the prisoners jutsu. The ultimate power of this jutsu allows the user to summon the spirit into a physical form, to complete the user's bidding. Zenryu has nine seals along his neck and spin, the trapped spirits being

*The Nightmare: Once a legendary, if sadistic, genjutsu user, the Nightmare specialized in mental torture of his foes. Always wearing a large straw hat, his face was covered by a cloth mask that went right under his nose, and few have seen the scars he wears underneath that mask. He has long, black greasy hair, and speaks in cryptic sayings, appearing to be insane. The Nightmare gives him powerful genjutsu on its own, but also his special ability. Ability-Nightmare Cage Using genjutsu, the target is trapped in an illusion where they are killed, then appear to wake out of it, only to die again. Each death feels completely real, and this cycle will continue for 3 days, or until someone can shake them out of it with a large amount of pain.

  • The Fury
  • The Pain
  • The Corruption
  • The Reaper
  • The Dragon
  • The Shadow
  • The Mystery
  • The Immortal

*Boufuuu Yoroi no jutsu (Art of the Storm Armor): This ability surrounds the user in a field of lightning chakra, which electrocutes anyone who attacks it, and diminishes the power of most ninjutsu powers used against it.

*Dokueki no Jutsu (Art of the Venom): This ability turns the user's chakra into a lethal poison that can coat the users weapons or fists. If injected into the enemies body, it attacks the chakra nodes, interfering with the users ability to manipulate chakra.

Ninjutsu: As a child, Zenryu's skills were apparent at ninjutsu; yet the murder of his companions and mentor pushed him into a almost fanatic like state to gain power. He is skilled in multiple types of elemental chakra, and his ninjutu abilities easily reach higher S-rank.

Genjutsu: Though his own genjutsu skills are C-rank at best, his Naraku keimusho no jutsu allows him to tap into the genjutsu skill of The Nightmare, who was a high A-S rank user.

Taijutsu: Tall and fit, Zenryu has trained his body to be skilled in fending off attackers through both chakra and physical attacks. His fighting style is rather power-based instead of speed, but he has a long reach for most close-range fighters, and is skilled in martial arts and swordplay.

Chakra Control: Zenryu doe not have unlimited chakra at his disposal, but knows how to use the amount he has to its most efficient. He skill allows him to not only masterfully use his chakra, but to also cancel the chakra of others through jutsu.

Special Abilities:*

Nine Hell Seal: Zenryu may summon the spirits of the Demon Bandits, who he has trapped inside himself. Normally, he will only summon one, but during one deadly situation, it has been rumored that he was able to summon three while still fighting himself.

Elemental Affinity: Being born with the ability to control both Suiton and Raiton (earning him the surname of sky cloud), the seals on his back allow him to use the affinity of those he has captured, giving him access to all the elemental affinities of the people he has captured.

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