Tanmono Sano

Name/Rank: Tanmono Sano/Genin
Classification: D-Class
Birthdate: April 2nd
Age: 12
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 140
Gender: Male
•Tanmono Clan

Appearance: He has a slender face that’s almost completely covered. His headband is worn to cover his head and hide his hair, his mask comes up to his nose, the thing line where his eyes and ears show. His eyes are a hazel color, and have a constant bored look about them. He wears silk robes over his entire body, grey camouflage in color. The sleeves extend out past his arms by a good two feet. He wears silk pants under his robes, also camouflage in color.

Personality: He has no issue with telling people how much they suck or that they deserve their fate. In his opinion, anything bad that happens to you is your own fault. Not because of karma, but because you should have been better to prevent it. People who seek to excuse themselves beyond ‘I was too weak’ just show how weak they are to everyone. He is dry and humorless, and cares nothing for rank or titles. Skill and strength are to be honored, not record or bloodlines, or titles.

Bloodline: There is no ability passed don by blood, however his clan has been ninja’s since before the first great ninja war.

Elemental Alignment: Wind, long ago his clan bred themselves into being an all wind clan because it better fit their jutsu.

Notable Jutsu:


Silk Wraps Technique: Five foot long strips of silk are sent out from the long sleeves of the robe to wrap around what ever they hit first. Despite what they’re made of, it is a simple chakra manipulation to cause them to tighten and squeeze like a boa constrictor.

Patch Tracker Technique: A small patch of silk is thrown onto someone then flattens out and blends itself in to what it lands on. He can track this hidden patch of silk and use it to find what it landed on. A sensor can detect the presence of this tracker, but as it’s blended in, will be hard to find.

Silk Sword Technique: He hardens his sleeves so that they are flat and stiff, then he channels chakra to the edges to make a pair of chakra blades. When training he found he could hold the Silk Swords for a half hour before he runs out of chakra…but that’s fully rested and using no other jutsu’s.

He has no great Ginjutsu abilities but he is decent at breaking them.

He trains his Taijutsu as much as his ninjutsu, focusing on his Silk Sword Technique.

Special Abilities: His clan makes all their own clothes, weaving chakra into the cloth as it’s made. This is how they can use the jutsu’s that are passed down through the clan. They keep everything to themselves, the cloth is designed to burst into flames if it’s not removed or put on properly.

The clothes are made so that with some simple chakra manipulation they ‘harden’ and protect against attacks. The down side to this is that he must harden his robe himself, so he can be caught off guard or he can keep them hard and ‘leak’ chakra as it were. But, when his guard is up, it serves as better armor then the leather many ninja’s wear.

Of course Fire is another weakness, being wind aligned and using silk for his jutsu’s, fire is a real hindrance to him.

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