Takumi Ryouichi

Name: Ryouichi Takumi
Classification: Chuunin, C-Class
Birthdate: December 12th
Age: Twenty-eight
Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: O

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Takumi is tall and lightly built, looking slightly too thin for his height. He has a fairly neutral, unassuming face which is dominated by two completely green eyes, which are usually hidden beneath a pair of sunglasses. Aside from those his only distinguishing feature is an inconsistent outfit, which rarely stays unchanged for long.

Personality: Though pleasant enough to be around, Takumi is a fairly shallow person. He acts mainly to amuse himself, seeking relief from the deep boredom that he feels whenever things settle into any kind of routine. This is mostly due to his background; Before settling in Konohagakure he travelled the world, which instilled in him a lifelong love of new and exotic experiences. In peacetime he's decently amiable (as long as he's not bored), as well as being highly tolerant of strange people and cultures. In wartime he tries to find amusement in any situation, even during the worst of battles.

Element: Takumi's affinities are Fuuton and Raiton.

Bloodline: The Ryouichi clan possess a minor bloodline which has nonetheless had a major effect on their history. Although his eyes make it obvious that he has one, Takumi has steadfastly refused to reveal the specifics of this bloodline. When pressed, he simply assures people that it's too trivial to be of use to the village. Since he's the only member of his clan around, that's all the information that most people have.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Static Charge: By creating a slight electric charge in the surrounding air, Takumi can shock and disorient enemies who get too close. This never causes real injury, but it can give an opportunity to land a fatal blow with more lethal weapons.
  • Guiding Winds: This technique creates moderate currents of air which can precisely control the movement of light objects. Takumi uses this for many kinds of fine manipulation from a distance, both in and out of combat.
  • Folly of the Careless: A subtle genjutsu which is hard to initially detect. It appears to have no effect, but in fact minutely alters aspects of the target's perceptions about the surrounding area. It can make a stone underfoot seem safely out of the way when actually about to be tripped over, or make someone misjudge a jump by slightly changing perceived distances. Some subjects may never realise that they're being tricked, although they'll usually become increasingly puzzled by their apparent clumsiness over the course of a battle.

Ninjutsu: Takumi knows a wide variety of Ninjutsu, although most are minor. He has a fondness for taking seemingly trivial techniques and using them in ways that are both dangerous and worthwhile.

Genjutsu: While theoretically able to learn many Genjutsu, Takumi has so far only mastered a couple of techniques.

Taijutsu: Takumi has developed the precision that goes with a light combat style, but lacks physical power. He mainly relies on careful positioning and tricky attacks rather than raw power when in battle.

Special Abilities:

  • Disguise: Takumi is an adept in the art of disguise, having mastery of both mundane and mystical methods. His unusual eyes present a slight obstacle, but are usually hidden by special contact lenses or minor genjutsu. He makes most of his own clothes, apparently more as a hobby than a professional skill.
  • Strong ears: Takumi has superb hearing, allowing him to become aware of many sounds that others might miss. He also has the ability to identify traits such as tone and pitch by ear alone. He claims that this is a very useful ability, but so far its only notable benefit has been to make him a bit of extra cash for being a musician at parties.
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