Takata Arahasa

Name: Takata Arahasa
Classification: Jounin, High A-Class
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Twenty-eight
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lb.
Gender: Male
Blood type: Unknown

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Takata does not appear intimidating or important. He is short and lean, dressing in a non-distinctive, practical shinobi uniform. Despite this, he walks with the easy, balanced grace of a skilled fighter, something he makes no effort to hide from observers. He has straight, black hair that reaches down to shoulders. Takata’s eyes, one blue and one red, are piercing and analytical, but also have a kindness to them. He has one shuriken holster on each hip, and also carries a few kunai in various pouches around his body. He has two tonfa, which he uses as his primary weapons against most opponents. He wears his forehead protector on his right shoulder. He has a pair of thin glasses that he wears.

Personality: Takata is laid back and easygoing, spending most of his spare time either sleeping or wandering around purposefully. He is not a slacker, however, and is very devoted to his job. Takata hates fighting, but believes that it is necessary in the long run. Normally calm and collected, he can become very angry if he sees someone being mistreated or if innocent people are put in danger. In battle, Takata is calculating and tactical, analyzing his opponent’s techniques and changing his own style to best combat them.

Takata likes to keep a low profile but he has gained a reputation as an extremely dangerous Shinboi amongst the Hidden Villages.

Bloodline: The Arahasa clan possesses a subtle, and very strange Kekkei Genkai. Elemental and Spatial Recomposition come more easily to clan members with it, allowing them to master higher level techniques more easily. In exchange, their ability to regulate their chakra use is impaired, causing them to waste more energy using their techniques. Arahasa clan members also all have heterochromatic eyes (having eyes of two different colors).

Notable Jutsu:

  • Aether: Takata is a master of elemental and spatial recomposition. Although it took years of experimentation, he has learned how to merge them almost flawlessly. He calls this pinnacle of his craft Aether. Aether based techniques create solid weapons and tools out of immaterial elements, such as fire or wind. These can be quickly fabricated in large numbers and with high levels of variability, allowing Takata a large tactical advantage over and opponent. He can also mentally control these creations. Individual techniques will be revealed in game.
  • Rasengan: Takata is the inventor of the Rasengan technique. It is the ultimate end of his experiments with Aether, pushing his skill with Spatial Recomposition to its absolute limit. So far, he has only managed to perfect the basics, mastering the use of the Spatial aspect. He has thus far been unsuccessful in combining it with chakra nature.

Ninjutsu: Takata is a ninjutsu specialist, and as such his abilities in this field are very powerful. He specializes in Fire and Lightning Techniques, although he can also use some basic Wind moves.

Taijutsu: Takata is a superb hand to hand fighter, being nearly as skilled at Taijutsu as he is at Ninjutsu.

Genjutsu: Genjutsu is Takata's weakest area of the three combat disciplines, but he has still trained himself thoroughly in its use. He is about as skilled as an average Jounin with it.

Chakra Control: Due to his kekkei genkai, Takata has inherent difficulties regulating the amount of energy consumed to fuel his chakra use. He has trained long and hard to overcome this, but still suffers in this area compared to others of his level.

Special Abilities:

  • Tactical Genius: Takata is a masterful tactician, able to analyze his opponents techniques almost flawlessly, and is excellent at forcing his strengths against his opponent's weaknesses. Takata's incredible tactical skill puts him on par with S-rank shinobi, even though he is not one.
  • Weapon Skills: Takata is capable of using almost any weapon proficiently, thanks to his unique abilities.
  • Tiger Contract: Takata has a contract with the Tiger clan, allowing him to summon them to his side. Tiger spirits are physically very strong and capable of withstanding punishment, but tend to be overly direct and easily tricked. Many can also use lightning based jutsu.
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