Sunadou Kyogou

Name: Sunadou Kyogou
Classification: Genin, D-rank to C-rank
Birthdate: ???
Age: Fifteen
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 115
Blood type: ???

  • Sunagakure

Appearance: Kyogou is a fairly tall and well built kid, with a passion for tattoos. His hair is cut short to his head and is the color of the desert sands, while his eyes are a deep emerald shade. Kyogou wears baggy desert-cameo pants and sandals on his feet. He disdains wearing a shirt, the better to show off his musculature and his numerous tattoos. His skin is the tan color of a guy who spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun. He lets his forehead protector hang from his neck. Kyogou has a tattoo of the Sunagakure symbol on the top right side of his face, with the far left line bisecting his eye. He wears the symbol pride on his left shoulder, his favorite tattoo is that of a Liger, which many people call a "Striped Lion" much to his annoyance. The Liger appears ready to pounce, it's maned head somewhere near the middle of his chest, it's body trails back to the top-right of his chest, and it's tail trails down his right arm, with the tuft ending on the back of his hand, finally he bears the kanji for desert in large print across his back.

Personality: Kyogou is somewhat arrogant, making many boasts and claims. He even claims to have risen to his current position as genin in "record time" though nobody bothers to confirm or deny these claims. Kyogou is somewhat rash and can be pigheaded, but will yield to more experienced Ninja's wisdom and knowledge. Kyogou despite his good-natured boasting, is a very prideful person. He clings to his accomplishments and becomes angry with those who try to belittle them. Kyogou was an orphan found in the desert outside of Sunagakure, and nobody knows where he came from.

Element: Kyogou's chakra affinity is Fuuton.

Bloodline: Kyogou has a bloodline trait that he calls the "Inner Release" but which is more commonly known to people as the "Beast Within" As the name suggests, Kyogou is able to assume the traits of animals, specifically Ligers. Kyogou has trained to assume the traits of other animals, but this is more difficult and takes much more practice. He assumes that the "Inner Release" has an obvious bias towards the animal that someone has an affinity for. The traits assumed can be anything from a somewhat heightened sense of smell, sight, hearing or strength and agility, to assuming physical traits such as fur, claws, fangs and even a tail. It is assumed that with practice he could take on the full form of a given animal, though Kyogou has yet to reach that level.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Roaring Wind - Where most use Wind techniques to form cutting blades, Kyogou uses his Inner Release to make his voice and lungs like that of a liger, and uses the raw force of wind and his own terrifying roar as a single solid blast of air that knocks people of their feet and breaks bones.
  • Fearful Prey - Kyogou uses subtle genjutsu to make his opponents believe they are being stalked by a fearsome enemy, which Kyogou uses to make his enemies jumpy and paranoid, and during a fight cause them to split their attention between him and the illusory attacker.
  • The Silent Hunter - Using a combination of ninjutsu and taijutsu, Kyogou taps into his own bestial nature to quiet his steps, more so than he would normally be able, such that someone who is unwary would not be able to hear him coming even if he was right behind them.
  • Terrors Mask - Changing his facial features with his Kekkei Genkai, Kyogou furthers the fear inflicted by his visage using genjutsu, making those who look into his face paralyzed by the terrible sight, or even to break and panic.

Ninjutsu: Kyogou is a fairly proficient ninjutsu user, and has a beginners grasp of wind techniques.

Genjutsu: Kyogou has a strong grasp of Genjutsu, and often uses it in conjunction with his other techniques to create fear and panic in his opponents, making them sloppier.

Taijutsu: Kyogou trains often and hard, and his bloodline abilities greatly boost his natural speed and agility, making him a powerful taijutsu user.

Special Abilities:

  • Liger Contract: Kyogou has a contract with the rare and powerful Liger clan, which he has had for as long as he can remember. Ligers are the most powerful of the feline clans, but also the least common, so while they are strong allies, Kyogou is somewhat limited in their summoning.
  • Animal Affinity: Though Kyogou has a special affinity for Ligers, he is touched by the wilds and can roughly understand, empathize, and sometimes even communicate with wild animals.
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