Senga Thum

Name: Senga Thum
Classification: Chuunin, High B-Class
Birthdate: March 23rd
Age: Eighteen
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 148 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB-

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Senga is a handsome faced young man. He has brown, messy hair, and his eyes are deep blue. He is unmarked from any scars from combat even though he has seen quite a bit.

He has a short blade which he only uses should his opponents be armed as well. He also has several prepared paper bombs and a couple special tags for wrapping around his kunai-knives for a special Lightning style jutsu he developed. He wears a tan long-sleeved shirt with greenish long pants. He has his head band wraped neatly on his forehead.

Personality: Senga is generaly nice in nature. However, he tends to be a workaholic and it's not uncommon hor the Hokage to force him to take a break after 5 to 6 missions. On his breaks, he wanders the town, anxiously awaiting the next mission. He is very eager to advance to Jounin and wants to go on as many missions as possible to get there.

When he fights, he fights with cold determination. He fights cautiously to see what the opponent is like, and then he attacks with alot of vigor. When his opponent is evil enough in his eyes, he will unleash his strongest of jutsu's on them whether they need it or not, until they are dead.

Element: Senga's affinities are for Fuuton and Raiton.

Bloodline: Senga has no Kekkei Genkai. However, he has more than average amount of chakra and is able to use lightning and Wind style jutsu's quite easily.

Notable Jutsu:

Senga know a large varitey of Jutsu's but his favorite areā€¦

  • Chidori: Able to focus Chakra into a visible lightning nature in his hand and strikes the opponent.
  • Lightning Release Shadow Clones: Able to make shadow clones that release a damaging electrical charge when discharged.
  • Plasma Ball: Able to form Lightning around him in a sphere that repels most attacks
  • Blast Wave Palm: Able to cause a chakra wind slice that can cut most materials

Special Abilities:

  • Electric Current: Senga is able to release a electric current into his Sword, Kunai, and shuriken that stuns opponents it hits.
  • Wind Discharge: Senga has a somewhat passive effect inspired by his wind nature. He is able to have a small blast of force from various parts of his body. He uses it to push himself farther when he runs or jumps. He also is able to focus it into his blows, pushing and harming his opponents greater then normal. He can actively increase the force of this ability, but it causes alot more chakra to do so.
  • Lightning Rod Tags: Senga has a couple of tags which when he wraps around a kunai knife, he can then send an electric shock to it from a distance. The path of the lightning is somewhat direct, but it branches out a bit and electricutes anything it touches.
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