Sasan Asorri

Name: Sasan Asorri
Classification: Missing-nin, S-Class
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: Unknown
Gender: Male
Blood type: Unknown

  • Amegakure
  • Previously Kirigakure
  • Shoku

Appearance: A faint smile usually graces Sasan’s face, and he has straight black hair that hangs to his shoulders in a simple ponytail. The only disconcerting feature of his face is his eyes, which are a blue so light they seem almost to be made of mist. His teeth are pointed. On his brow, he has a slashed-through Kirigakure forehead protector. Sasan dresses in a long black cloak, and wears a simple sakkat. At his side hangs a sheathed sword, with a ornately wrought hilt carved to look like it is made of ice.

Personality: Sasan has a somewhat eclectic personality; sometimes he can wander the countryside for months without conflict, others, he will carve a swathe of devastation across his path, only to vanish when he begins to attract serious attention. Most of the time, he acts very calm and inquisitive, but also very strange, making inane comments and becoming strangely absorbed in random parts of the environment. When his killing blood is up, though, he begins to act much more wild and openly insane. He has a wide reputation as a vicious killer, although his description is not known by many people.

Bloodline: Unknown.

Notable Jutsu:

Unknown, although he has demonstrated the ability to create and control mist.

Special Abilities:

Sword: Sasan carries an ornate sword at his waist. The hilt is delicately wrought from a glass-like, diamond hard substance and made to look like ice. No one has ever seen him draw the sword, but he claims proficiency with it.

Sneaky: Sasan is almost supernaturally sneaky.

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