Sandaime Hokage
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Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure

Name: Motogin Sen
Classification: S-Class
Birthdate: August 1st
Age: Fifty-one
Height: 6'6"
Weight: ?
Gender: Male
Blood type: O-

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire
  • ???

Appearance: Sen is a tall man but not one that is very bulky either, looking wiry and muscled underneath the formal robes of his office. With black hair that has just begun to turn gray at the temples, he cuts a distinguished figure with a heavily lined and scarred face from his own service for Konohagakure. He carries no weapons on his person, but when seen without his robes, twelve scrolls can be seen tucked into his belt with his one arm covered in summoning script. Only the unlucky have seen the purpose of those tattoos.

When it comes to battle, Sen favors a black pair of pantaloons but no shirt, letting the burns and scars across his chest and back serve as a reminder to his enemies that he is not stranger to fighting or war.

Personality: Sen's military background makes him a stern tutor for those under his direct supervision, he's knowledgeable enough about politics to present a kinder front in public in order to boost the morale of the village. It's only whenever he's confronted by a situation that doesn't put the lives of other people at stack that one gets to see the real Sen, but sadly that is rarely seen these days.

Known as the 'Man Without Enemies' (because no one can challenge him) to the larger shinobi world, the Third Hokage has kept Konohagakure intact through the end of the last Great Shinobi War and does his best to ensure the shinobi of the village are able to survive in the outside world. When dealing with the other Kages he has a tendency to behave in a superior manner to them, but is always fair in his dealings to keep resentment towards Konohagakure down.


The Motogin family has no notable Kekkei Genkai, but have been noted for having larger chakra reserves then normal. But not to a significant degree. Definitely not the same degree that being the demon-container for the Nine-Tailed Beast provides.

Notable Jutsu:

*Juunijinshouhou no Jutsu - The seal used to imprison the Nine-Tailed Beast, it's more complicated to pull off then the Shiki Fuujin seal of canon and still very dangerous to it's user. A creation of Sen's, he's notably reluctant to teach it to other people. (Kinjutsu)
*Garyuuheki (Dragonfire Barrier) - A technique to utilize any 'fire' chakra captured by Tokokara no Jutsu, the Garyuuheki technique creates a crimson wall of chakra that sets any living flesh that touches it on fire and can repel some jutsu as well. (Ninjutsu - Katon)
*Unknown Name - A technique that allows Sen to view locations and people within the village via a crystal ball, this unknown technique has proven handy for observation despite it's limitations. Mainly that Sen can only look in on specific people and needs a general idea of where they are. 'The person who stole some excess exploding tags' would result in nothing while 'Gero Sasaki, the shinobi thief' would bring up an image of that person, even if they hadn't done what Sen thought they had. (Ninjutsu - Sealing)
*Tenshunreiken (Heavenly Spiritual Fist) - The main use that Sen has for lightening chakra stored in his scrolls, the jutsu surrounds his hand with a crackling halo of energy that sends a veritable lightening bolt into any enemy Sen strikes, the sonic boom when he hits as much a threat as the lightening. (Ninjutsu/Taijutsu - Raiton)
*Dai Tsuchiryuu no Jutsu (Great Earth Dragon Technique) - Creates a massive dragon out of earth and rock nearby to attack his enemies, and one of the few techniques that Sen is seen to use without first being attack himself by an elemental jutsu. (Ninjutsu - Doton)
*Teppoudama no Jutsu (Water Bullet) - Using the water collected by one of his scrolls, Sen fires off a large 'bullet' of water that can shower the surrounding area with rain when it hits something. However it takes a lot of water to use and thus needs more then one scroll. (Ninjutsu - Suiton)

Ninjutsu: Sen's primary focus for his training, because of the nature of Tokokara no Jutsu, he has need to know many different elemental jutsu in order to get max effect out of his seal. While he favors particular jutsu, Sen has knowledge of many many more by simple virtue of being a Kage and having access to Konohagakure's hidden lists of jutsu.

Genjutsu: Little to no ability with this particular discipline of jutsu, the extent of Sen's dealings with it is to know how to dispel genjutsu. Should he notice them.

Taijutsu: The Sandaime's second area of training, this has notably taken a back-burner ever since he lost his arm. While he's able to keep up with taijutsu specialists, he isn't capable of out-fighting them in that regard anymore. He instead holds tries to hold them off until he can hit them with a mixture of ninjutsu and taijutsu or just some ninjutsu technique.

Special Abilities:*

  • Host to the Nine-Tailed Beast: An increased capacity of demonic chakra, arguments with an incredibly old and malevolent chakra construct, the tendency to 'rampage' under the right circumstances, and other nasty and well-known side effects.
  • Tokokara no Jutsu (Endless Void technique): A unique seal of Sen's own creation, the tattoos on his arm are designed to absorb and transfer chakra attacks he can 'catch' to the inter-connected seal that holds the Nine-Tailed Beast and to the twelve scrolls on his belt. The scrolls store the chakra and elemental affinity of that attack for use with Sen's own techniques. If he runs out of scrolls to seal the chakra into though then all of it goes to the Nine-Tailed Beast's seal which is dangerous for his health and makes it harder to utilize his demon beast. (Kinjutsu)
  • One-handed seals: Due to his dismemberment, Sen has learned to make hand signs with only a single hand with surprising speed.
  • Strength: Sen's strength is on the high end for shinobi, but is not the highest by far as it is somewhat diminished by Sen's missing arm. It still paid not to underestimate how physically strong he was.
  • Speed: Average for a high-end shinobi, Sen's speed is almost entirely focused into having good reflexes rather then moving quickly. The hellish training regime he subjects himself too means he is adept at avoiding danger, and on rare occasions sometimes before he even knows it is there. (Usually for light comedic effect)
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