Nobu Goro
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Name: Nobu Goro
Classification: Missing-nin, A-Rank
Birthdate: November 27th
Age: ???
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB

  • Himself

Appearance: Nobu Goro is a figure who strikes terror among those in Konohagakure who still remember him, unique enough in the world of shinobi that those who do know him can recognize the man on sight. An utterly bald head is the first thing people see, black and red kanji all across his scalp in lines leading from his forehead to the base of his neck. Both of his seemingly black eyes are sunk into his head with his hollow cheeks giving him a somewhat sickly look though he doesn't carry himself that way. Oddly enough, Goro's mouth and chin can't be seen because of the uniquely designed gas-mask fitted over the lower half of his face that he is almost never without, making his voice raspy.

He possesses a thick-set frame from decently large muscles which combined with the black armor he is almost always in makes him an intimidating sight. Thick black plates cover his chest, shoulders, forearms, and legs to cover up most of the vulnerable spots with a white and teal ying-yang situated in the middle of his chest. Two ninjato are strapped to his waist, the scabbard blending in seamlessly with the guard-less blades, with an old Konohagakure headband used as a belt. Several lines are scratched through the leaf symbol. Underneath the powerful armor, ninja chainmail and silk can be seen as if he had decided at the last moment for one final layer of protection. One final detail is inescapable about this monster of a shinobi, and that is the smell of dried blood that hangs around him like a miasma.

Personality: Those who have met Goro in even passing can easily tell that the man is vain and confident in his own abilities, while being disparaging of almost everyone else. Clearly not a people person, Goro doesn't have much experience in dealing with other people socially and it shows in conversations with him. This is mostly because, deep down, Nobu Goro can be called an academic of all things chakra related and prefers his quiet research to forming such tedious and boring things like bonds. If his experiments weren't so brutal and cruel then that wouldn't be much of a problem.

In combat, Goro is a perfectionist and will comment on the mistakes of others relentlessly to try and unsettle them, using the distraction to lethal advantage. However, despite all of his self-confidence, Goro is smart and Goro is a coward. If ever facing more foes then he thinks he can handle, or more powerful, then he's quick to flee since useless things like 'honor' have no place in his head. Something the extends to promises and deals with other people.

Bloodline: Nobu Goro is in possession of a potent bloodline known as Crystal Release which allows him to use his chakra to construct incredibly strong crystals for various purposes. It can even be used to turn ninjutsu attacks that use Doton, Suiton, and Mokuton into crystal for his use though he is unable to 'convert' insubstantial things like Fuuton, Katon, and Raiton. While incredibly durable, fuuton and katon techniques with powerful piercing potential have the best chance of getting through the gray and black crystal.

Notable Jutsu:

* Shōton - Crystal Release Style - A set of techniques that Goro created to use the effects of his bloodline to full effect, the majority of them are listed along with his entry in the Bingo Book so none go against him un-prepared. He favors the Shouton koushi no jutsu - Arrow of Light, Shōton: Kurenai no Kajitsu - Crimson Fruit, Kesshō no Yoroi - Crystal Armor, Suishō Rō no Jutsu - Jade Crystal Prison, Suishō Bunshin no Jutsu - Jade Crystal Clone, Shouton daishoushi no jutsu - Giant Crystal Dart, and Shōton: Suishō Meikyū no Jutsu - Jade Crystal Labyrinth techniques though. (Bloodline jutsu)
* Zanfuuken - Wind Slicing Sword - A technique he formulated while traveling abroad seeking asylum, the ninjato on his waist are forged of a special metal that allows him to channel chakra through them with ease. This jutsu increases the length of the blades significantly to the length of a broadsword with chakra mixed with the wind element. The end result is a buzzing sword of visible chakra, the edge of which vibrates at incredible speeds to increase the cutting power. Essentially Goro creates a chakra buzz saw sword for use with his armor. If he expends some chakra however, he can slash the blade down to fire a crescent of cutting chakra at his opponents.
* Chakura kenshutsu - Chakra Detection - Not a perfect skill, but Goro can sense the chakra of nearby (within sixty feet) enemies with some accuracy if he's focusing on it. This ability in particular has helped keep him ahead of foes pursuing him.
* Edo Fuumetsu - Sealed Apocalypse - The details of this forbidden technique are still unknown.

Ninjutsu: By far the greatest area of Goro's knowledge, his research into the nature of ninjutsu and of ninjutsu techniques could fill multiple volumes at just the tip of the ice-berg. Despite this over-whelming knowledge, Goro prefers his Crystal Release techniques in addition to a few other techniques.

Genjutsu: Goro's knowledge extends to genjutsu as well though he finds the discipline to be weak and un-needed when a proper ninjutsu could fit just as well.

Taijutsu: Goro's weakest area among the ninja arts and, paradoxically, the one that he uses the most with his Wind Cutting Sword technique. The reason is simple, since it is his weakest area, it's the one he uses the most often to try and strengthen his skill in it and only breaks out his powerful ninjutsu if his enemies prove better at taijutsu or overcome his armor. Any taijutsu specialist of chuunin level can fight on par with Goro in melee while jounin and above taijutsu users could call his taijutsu ability 'adequate'.

Special Abilities:

  • Chakura no Yoroi (Chakra Armor): The reason why Nobu Goro is no longer welcome by Yukigakure, the man managed to steal designs for a special type of armor before they were put into use and made his own revisions to it in order to create this special armor. The chakra armor is a unique type of armor that drains chakra from ninjutsu and genjutsu while at the same time amplifies Goro's chakra and physical strength. His armor has also been seen blocking and defending against thrown projectiles which require no chakra in the least on Goro's part. While formidable, the armor is not perfect and multiple attacks in quick succession that have a lot of chakra behind them can overwhelm the armor or even break it. Other types of chakra attacks that are particularly good at penetrating defenses can also get by his defenses.
  • Seishinfuu (Mind Seal) - Not a particularly combat worthy detail, but one that bears mentioning. The numerous seals across Goro's scalp are actually meant to increase his mental capacity and memory (not intelligence), giving him almost photographic memory with perfect recall of it. This seal is likely how he manages to remember all the information he knows.
  • Raven Pact: While they aren't combat summons by any means, Goro does have a pact with ravens and calls them to his side in order to scout and the psychological effect of having harbingers of death and doom serve him.
  • Intelligence: Goro's greatest weapon is his mind. Few tricks will work multiple times against him and after many battles he will go back over what happened to try and learn the tricks (not jutsus) used against him for his own use. This intellect has extended beyond just scientific and chakra research into strategic ability, making him a risky enemy.
  • Strength: Without his armor, Goro's strength is only average at best which is something he has been attempting to improve upon on his own time. With it, he's able to crack the ground with his blows and at least attempt to go toe to toe with physically powerful enemies.
  • Speed: Once again, Goro's speed is only slightly above average for a ninja of his level though he seems content in that regard.
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