Nero Kachi

Name/Rank: Nero Kachi/Genin; Medical Ninja in-training
Classification: D-rank
Birthdate: April 22
Age: 12
Height: 4' 2"
Weight: 78 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: A+
•Village Hidden in the Clouds

Appearance: Nero is short for his age. His hair is slightly spiky and is black. His eyes are amber in color, which is a result of his heritage. His clothes are mostly long, light colored clothing. He wears a vest where he keeps some of his medicine and special drugs in. He wears his sash on his forehead, which he uses to keep his hair out of his eyes.

Personality: Nero is a focused person when it comes to his medical studies. He wants to strive to be the best and most versatile medical ninja, which is his dream.

Outside of combat he is a liked by many, including his Jounin squad leader. When he is on a mission, he tends to stay back out of the fighting. He uses his genjutsu ability to confuse the enemies, and use his medical jutsu's on his allies when they get hurt. He however doesn't like getting into combat and his ninjutsu and Taijutsu are not very good.

History: Nero's family caught a highly contagious and deadly new disease. It was discovered in the Hidden Cloud Village quickly by the medical ninja's and was contained. Miraculously, Nero never caught the disease despite being around his entire family who did. The result was Nero became an orphan at age 5.

He applied to the Ninja school, and from there to become a medical ninja so as to cure any other diseases. While training, he discovered that his clan had a talent for genjutsu. Nero found out that he could use this genjutsu to sooth panicked patients or help the mentally disturbed.

He studied hard and the result paid off. He was assigned to a squad under Jounin Hisakawa Ayaka. He participated on missions with them and with his position, contributed to many of the successes. He and his squad are currently getting ready for the Chunin exam.

Bloodline: Nero Kachi is from the Kachi clan. The clan is widely known for it's mastery of genjutsu. This allows Nero to create more powerful genjutsu's. Also, he has an easier time then most throwing off other's genjutsu's and seeing through it with his amber eyes.

Notable Jutsu: Nero Kachi use a combination of genjutsu and medical abilities.

  • Mind Illusion: A basic form of genjutsu, yet highly powerful. Nero can craft many different types of genjutsu that can trick the enemy. They vary from as vast as landscape to as simple as illusionary characters and conversations.
  • Narcotic Illusion: A new genjutsu that Nero developed in his medical training. He is able to numb down the targets key senses to almost no sensory input. While he normally does this so that they can operate easier on patients, he can also use this in combat, leaving those under the effects to be unable to decern anything around them or harming them.
  • Basic healing: Nero is able to heal many open cuts and wounds on the surface. Yet he is still unable to heal bones or internal organs.

Special Abilities:

  • Developed Genjutsu: Nero's genjutsu is stronger then normal and he can escape other's genjutsu better.
  • Food Pills: Nero has a pouch of food pills in his vest which enhances one's chakra greatly for a short period of time. The after effects leave the consumer greatly depleted.
  • Spinach Ball: Nero had found a formula that he used to create "Spinach Balls". These green sphere's are a chewable drug that give off a greater effect than food pills. However, the Spinach Balls leave the consumer in a weaker state then the food pills. He is also looking for the formula for the two stronger ball drugs.
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