Nara Hari

Name: Nara Hari
Classification: Genin, D-Class
Birthdate: May 11th
Age: Sixteen
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB+

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Hari wears dark grays and sandy tans, meant for blurring his outline into the background in an Urban environment. He wears the standard lightweight Chain-link ninja-armor that members of his family favor, topped over by a short, Black jacket set with the Nara family symbol on the back. His ninja headband is pulled down around his neck, and set into a dark gray band. Hari's hair is light hazelnut brown, an unusual tone for the Nara family, but not especially odd in and of itself. He keeps it pulled back into a spiky wolf tail, but set close to the base of his neck instead of up in the air like many Naras prefer. Hari stands right at average height, but as with many ninjas conceals impressive physical potential beneath a slim and agile frame. Though he is not as overbearingly 'perfect' as are certain examples within the Leaf Village, he is still found to be quite comely by many females' standards.

Personality: Hari is rather outgoing and easy to like, especially among members of the opposite sex. He is in no way disrespectful or crude toward women his age, but he holds a very deep appreciation of their charms, and understands that many hold a similar appreciation for his. He has never been in a long-standing relationship, probably because of his inability to refrain from flirting playfully with other women, but he is very mirthful, even mischievous, when dealing with attractive young women around him; he will use his good looks and way with words to woo those he only barely knows on a whim, and even if he knows that they will shut him down, he will quite knavishly keep at it, just for the fun of it.

Underneath his whimsical, and maybe even shallow exterior, Hari is a deep thinker, analyzing battle strategies and contingency plans almost as fluently as his pickup lines and pillow talk. This is something that he prefers to hide about his personality, however, liking much better to be considered a harmless, if amusing distraction instead of a real competitor.

Element: Katon

Bloodline: Katsugan Bloodline Trait
This semi-common Bloodline trait can often be found within the ANBU and Hunter-nin of various hidden ninja villages. Focused within the ninja's eyes, where some more flashy Optical bloodlines grant new capabilities to the shinobi's eye, the Katsugan instead improves and enhances the human eye's own innate ability. It drastically improves basic eyesight and visual memory, allowing one to easily spot concealed traps or hidden opponents. High speed sight is also no problem for the Katsugan, able to track even movements that would not be visible at all to normal eyes. However, the Katsugan's one weakness is also its greatest strength; the eyesight of the bearer quickly becomes too good, and direct exposure to light can become painful to the user. Nevertheless, the Katsugan's benefits often outweigh the inconvenience, and have alerted many vulnerable ninja from a deadly ambush.

The effect of the Katsugan cannot be turned off and neither can its weaknesses, and so users can often be seen wearing thin, semi-transparent blindfolds to protect their eyes. As well, certain jutsu have been developed that intentionally render the ninja effectively blind in order to counter the Katsugan's light sensitivity.

Notable Jutsu:

Hari fights with a (just one) specially crafted dark iron knuckle blade that has been known to have special properties when interacting with elemental energy. However, he tends to shy away from melee combat, preferring to keep things at a safer distance. He remains open to using his entire ninja arsenal, from throwing weapons to explosive notes, always coming up with an off-the-wall or unexpected solution to a difficult tactical problem. However, he does gravitate toward utilizing Traps and strategies involving luring an opponent onto a battlefield of his own choosing rather than meeting them on their own terms.

Nara Shadow Arts: Hari is a beneficiary of the advanced Nara hidden arts, specifically concerning the Nara clan's peculiar proficiency with the Shadow Arts. Hari has mastered the basic Shadow Possession jutsu, and is currently learning the more advanced iterations of his family's powerful technique line. He has also been developing arts unique to his own experimentation.

Ninjutsu: Hari tends to shy away from elemental Jutsu, except for one or two Katon (Fire) element Jutsu that he uses on occasion. Largely his Ninjutsu are utility or Ace-in-the-whole offensive, saved only for great need.

Genjutsu: For no particular reason, Hari does not have any Genjutsu techniques in his repertoire. This is not because of any difficulty of Affinity, learning, or enacting such techniques, he simply has not had interest in them. This may come as a result of his Katsugan eye finding all but the most convincing of illusions to look cheap and fake-looking, even if they seem quite real to others.

Taijutsu: Hari has studied two primary Taijutsu styles, but otherwise has average Taijutsu ability (too much work); either of these can be applied to Unarmed combat or using his Knuckle blade. Zentai Bougyo (Total Defense) is a style that works exactly as it sounds, being designed for absolute defense, and relying on the sharpness of his Katsugan to spot and predict incoming attacks. The second, Shinobi Hiken: Dachi — Shouja (Shinobi Secrets: Stance — Small Serpent) is a hidden style, mimicking the sudden strike and powerful reflexes of a Serpent for simultaneous attack and defense.

Chakra Control: Hari has learned and nearly mastered both techniques of Kinobori (Tree Walking) and Tadayou (Water Strider), as well as a third technique, Kawa no Yoroi (Skin Armor) that uses chakra to harden his Skin for defense.

Special Abilities:

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