Motah Zurbesh

Name/Rank: Motah Zurbesh, "Raging Fire" / One of the Seven Swordsman
Classification: High A-Class
Birthdate: July 23
Age: 29
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 134 lb.
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB+

Appearance: Motah wears clothing that consisting of reddish hues. They closely resemble red and orange. He wears a short sleeve t-shirt and long pants. He has two special swords that he had gotten made for him at the village of artisans. His headband is wrapped around his left arm with a slash across the symbol of the leaf.

His eyes are a dark, yet those who get a good look swear that they are red. His hair is spiked wildly and is dark brown.


Personality: Motah is arrogant and confident in his abilities. He is also very greedy and hoards alot of money. This has made him hide many stashes of treasure throughout the land. When he wants something unique and special, he will spend alot to get it, way above the estimated price, so that it will remain a secret purchase.

He gets angered easily in fights and that tends to make him more dangerous. His temper and chakra element has given him the nickname, "Raging Fire". He specializes in fire techniques which he combines with his own unique fighting style. He's never seen anywhere without his two special swords that make him all but practically invincible.

He uses mon coins as shiriken rather then buy them. He thinks that the coins are just as good as shiriken and he doesn't need to spend them for that purpose.

History: Motah left the village as a young Genin, so not much is known about him from the village. Very few can actually recall him ever being in the village at all. His entire family died mysteriously and without a trace shortly before he left. Their entire treasury was plundered as well, leaving nothing behind.

When Motah left, he quickly trained to become skilled with two sword combat. Living alone for years, he accumilated alot of wealth as well as perfecting his fighting style. He eventually travel to the Village of the Artisans and paid over a large sum of money to have two unique swords crafted especially for him. The amount paid was well over $25,000,000 for the craft and the bribe of silence.

With his new swords, he began to terrorize the land. He took the highest buyers and carried out missions that often lead to assassination. Where ever he went, he would leave burning wreckage behind. This led to his nickname "Raging Fire". His skill with his swords evetually became noticed and he was approached by the Seven Swordsman of the Mist after one of their number had died recently. He happily accepted the position and became a deadly ally to them.

Bloodline: Motah came from the Zurbesh clan, which was dying and widely unheard of before it's mysterious disapperance. They specialize in fire techniques.

Chakra Element: Fire

Notable Jutsu:

Motah specializes in fire techniques.

Fire Technique, Fireball: Motah is able to expel a huge fireball at his enemies.
Fire Technique, Flame Slash: Motah is able to slash shockwave away from his swords. However the shockwaves consist of intense flames that burn anything they touch
Fire Technique, Inferno Hurricane: Motah is able to slash around him quickly causing a hurricane of flames that surrond and protect him from physical attacks.
Fire Shadow Clones: Motah sometimes enjoys creating shadow clones of himself to add to the mayham of the fire. They can perform any jutsu of his similar to a shadow clone. However, when disappaited, they errupt into a torrent of flames.
Fire Technique, Phoenix Flower: Motah is able to expel several small fire balls in rapid consecutive bursts. He tends to hide coins in them to be used as shiriken.

Special Abilities:

Motah has developed a unique style of fighting. He is able to cast jutsu's without letting go of his swords.

Sword Hand Signs: Through careful and time consuming practice, Motah has developed the ability to form special formation signs using his swords that mimic hand signs for jutsu's.
Duel Red Blades: Motah has two spcially made blades that he can focuses his chakra into easily to make the special signs he needs. They also can take his chakra and cause Phantom blade extensions. These Phatom blades are as real as the original blade, they are just translucent and red. These phatom blades are formed chakra replica's of his blades and he can have them hover or attack as he wills it. He can make three phatom blades for each of his blades.
Superheat metal: Motah tends to like to super heat metals around him with his fire element. This gives him an advantage in fighting since he tends to aim for metal that the opponent wears.

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