Manriki Kin

Name: Manriki Kin
Classification: Genin, D-rank
Birthdate: August 17th
Age: 13
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 76 lbs.
Gender: Female
Blood type: O-

  • Otogakure
  • Otokage

Appearance: Kin is pale, thin, and has straight blonde hair that she lets drop to her shoulders. She wears a tawny vest matching that of her sensei over a gray camouflage sweater with sleeves that hide her hands. She wears dark gray sweatpants, and like the rest of her team black boots. She doesn’t share their use of a utility belt, however, instead wearing her forehead guard like a belt where her sweater goes lower than her vest.

Personality: Kin tends to be quiet and timid, but is quick to anger when the right buttons are pushed. Unfortunately for Nirou-kun and Sensei Kyuu, Youjo knows all her buttons.

Bloodline: None.

Affinity: Sound.

Notable Jutsu:

Kin keeps a rainstick in a summoning scroll in one of her sleeves, which she uses as the instrument of her Sound Jutsu. Her other sleeve hides a tanto.

Gentle Rain of Serenity: Kin holds her rainstick steady, the falling of the beads sending chakra into favored listeners that converts to healing energy inside their bodies, allowing her to address internal injuries without cutting anyone open. She’s working on a version that augments her allies.

Fierce Storm of Calamity: Kin holds her rainstick overhead and makes it spin along the center-point of the bases, causing a rough noise that she uses to disrupt enemy jutsus, dispelling techniques that require concentration as well as weaker summoning jutsus. She’s working on a version that disrupts the chakra pathways in the body.

Special Abilities:*


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