Kurosawa Haruka
Avatar by Zersk789, manga-style by Kasanip

Name: Kurosawa Haruka, often called the Dragon of Kumogakure. Designated Successor to the Sandaime Raikage
Classification: Jounin, A-Class (S-Class in some)
Birthdate: April 25th
Age: Twenty-nine
Height: 5'6''
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown

  • Kumogakure
  • Raikage
  • Land of Lightening

Appearance: Haruka is not an especially tall woman, with black skin, and what looks like a pattern of tattoos of lightning emanating from her belly, where a spiral is traced. She has naturally white hair, which she has in a single braid, keeping it out of the way. She is obviously well-muscled and fit.

She generally wears a two-piece outfit that exposes her belly, which can… distract opponents. It also displays the spiral on her belly for all to see, a fact which she is unconcerned about. She wears her Kumogakure forehead protector on her forearm as an armband.

Personality: Haruka has a blunt personality that is often very direct, but can also subtlety when she needs to. She is fearless in combat, and is absolutely sure of herself most of the time. In private, she also sometimes displays a softer side.

She also has a five-year old daughter, Akiko, and people are often amazed at how the fearless Dragon dotes and looks after her daughter. The father died on a mission soon after Akiko was born, and she has come to Konoha with Haruka.

Element: Haruka's elemental affinity is Raiton.

Bloodline: The Kurosawa family in Kumogakure has no bloodline, but is noted for their tendency to combine Taijutsu and Ninjutsu in devestating attacks, and it is almost considered that the combination is their signature style.

Notable Jutsu:

Haruka tends to use Raiton techniques, with a focus on her family's style combining them and Taijutsu to absolutely devastating effect. She can also summon lightning Dragons, and is rumored to be undergoing special training with some of them, but she has not revealed what it is. She also uses a short-ranged lightning teleportation jutsu, and has been noted to use Lightning Clones in battle.

Special Abilities:

As the Rokubi no Raijuu jinchūriki, Haruka has a special affinity with lightning, as well as being much faster than most ninja.

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