Kumo Youjo

Name: Kumo Youjo
Classification: Genin, D-rank
Birthdate: March 23rd
Age: 13
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 81 lbs.
Gender: Female
Blood type: A+

  • Otogakure
  • Otokage

Appearance: Youjo’s dark skin suggests that she was adopted from around the Land of Lightning, but unlike many from the area she opted against dying her hair, instead tying it behind her head in a shoulder-length braid. She wears a gray camouflage tank top beneath a dark gray coat, providing her protection on the field and a shot at seducing Nirou off the field. Her utility belt almost goes lower than her black shorts thanks to the kunai cases on each hip, and her black leather boots come up to her metallic kneepads.

Personality: Youjo is so ambitious she’s almost one-dimensional, having no stipulation against shedding blood for power, be it her own or that of her enemies. The cause of this ambition is uncertain, but it seems to be a failure in her past that’s tied to why she was adopted by the Land of Rice. She has an aggressive and dominating personality, but puts on a face that’s as sweet as can be the moment she has a chance to pursue Nirou-kun’s affections.

Bloodline: None.

Affinity: Unknown.

Notable Jutsu:

Being gifted with an abundance of chakra gained through relentless training, Youjo combines genjutsu with summoning jutsu to devastating effect. To perform her summons, she uses shurikens drawn from pouches hidden in the sleeves of her coat.

Spider Contract: At her current level, Youjo can perform one of four types of summons: A black-haired tarantula the size of a horse, a gray-plated web spinner the size of a large dog, a group of up to eight venomous spiders the size of cats with red abdomens, or a swarm of regular-sized spiders that retain the human intellect of a summon.

Genjutsu: Youjo can use genjutsu to create illusionary spider summons, or disguise a spider as a creature of similar size. Most importantly, though, is that she uses her genjutsu to hide her shuko from sight.

Special Abilities:*

Youjo has no special abilities yet, but she hopes to one day earn the right to be taught the ways of a spider sage.

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