Kitakawa Kanaye

Name/Rank: Kitakawa Kanaye
Classification: Missing-Nin, A-Rank
Birthdate: October 8
Age: 17
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Gender: Male



Has Black Hair and Green Eyes. Is really small for his age. Wears a thick, black, full-body suit (You know, like something you'd expect from A NINJA (Even if they didn't wear that either in real life)). He has a long, black scarf around his neck.


The (Technically) Youngest of the Seven Swordsman. He's timid, and blushes oftenly. He will, though kill without a thought. He likes animals, and learning about nature through experience. He's shy around strangers, but respects the rest of the Seven Swordsman.


Allows him to manipulate rock. Think Toph from Avatar, but without the blindness. He uses this to change the form of his weapon.

Elemental Affinity: Earth

Notable Jutsu

Earth Release, Manipulation: Allows Kanaye to control the form of rock. He can use it to change the shape of his blade.
Earth Release, Rock Bullet: A small rock that Kanaye can shoot at an enemy. Has half the speed of an actual bullet.
Earth Clone: Creates a clone made of mud, so it can keep reforming and molding into it's original shape.

Ninjutsu: His strength. He has mastered techniques ranging from A to B rank. He mainly uses Earth Release.
Genjutsu: His weakest point. He can dispel a genjutsu, if he notices it.
Taijutsu: His second strength. He can overpower somebody of lower-to-equal rank in a fight.

Special Abilities

Bat Summon Pact: Has a summoning pact with bats. Bats are scout and offensive summons. The bats give the summoner the ability to use Enhanced Ultrasound and Fangs.

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