Kita Miku

Name/Rank: Kita Miku / Genin
Classification: D-Class
Birthdate: July 23rd
Age: 13
Height: 5'
Weight: 105 lbs
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB
•Land of Thunder
Appearance: Miku is a rather thin girl of average height for her age. She has long blond wavy hair. Her eyes are a piercing blue. When not on business she wears a white dress. Interestingly, Miku does not wear shoes or socks of any kind, yet despite this her feet are never calloused or dirty. She wears her headband as an armband.

When on a mission Miku wears a black sweater that seems to large for her, as well as shorts that reach to her knees. She keeps knives strapped to her ankles and wrists, and once again there is a distinct lack of shoes. On missions she uses her headband to tie her hair into a long ponytail.

Personality: Miku, appropriately, always seems to be on Cloud 9. She is easily distracted and jumps to odd conclusions. However all of this clears up when she enters a mission or a fight. She is also known to make bets with people, and she always wins. She's been known to pull scams before.

Bloodline: The Kita family is known for their ability to mix the wind and lightning chakras to make cloud.

Notable Jutsu:
•(Nimbus Technique) - Kita can create a dense cloud that releases varying types of precipitation, either hail, rain, or snow. (Ninjutsu)
•(Cumulonimbus Technique) - Kita can create a darker, gray cloud that can release weak electricity, either from cloud to cloud or from cloud to the ground. (Ninjutsu)
•Shīpukuraudo no jutsu (Sheep Cloud Technique) - Very puffy clouds are created that seem to have a soporific effect, sending those who inhale them to fall into a deep sleep. (Genjutsu)
•(Clouded mind technique) - She creates a thin mist-like cloud, those that are caught in it start to lose their sense of judgment, and their tactics may become sloppy. (Genjutsu)

Ninjutsu: Miku, despite inheriting her famiily's ability to use Araton techniques, does not favour ninjutsu in particular. She usually uses her jutsu as a diversion for escape or for cover.

Genjutsu: Miku is well versed in both the usage and dispelling of genjutsu. Her favourite technique is the Sheep Cloud, able to send people to sleep.

Taijutsu: The extent of Miku's taijutsu is just training to disengage from opponents to take them on from a distance.

Special Abilities: Miku seems to have an uncanny amount of luck.

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