Kiriyama Alilah

Name: Kiriyama Alilah
Classification: S-Class
Birthdate: September 7th
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Unknown
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB+

  • Shoku
  • Formerly Takigakure

Appearance: Alilah is fairly muscular, and is always seen wearing the customary Shoku uniform, with the trench coat open at the neck to reveal the standard ninja jounin shirt. Her skin is so pale that it's almost white. She has light blond hair that's almost white as well. It's naturally curly and sleek, and goes to about her belly button. Her eyes are a cold, piercing gray, and they seem to be looking right through you. She wears her headband tied around her left arm, with the plaque facing outwards. She wears her mask sometimes, but only when she wishes to openly declare that she is a member of the Shoku. Her mask is slim with her pointed chin and small pointed nose. It's the standard black mask. Although, Alilah's nonetheless not too happy about that. But she's good at keeping that to herself.

Personality: Your typical evil mastermind. Alilah is cold, calm, and calculating, and never makes the first move. She generally keeps quiet during discussions, usually speaking only to correct another or to put them down. She is rather shy, but will open up to a close friend. She prefers to fight alone as supposed to being part of a team or squad; which is one of the lesser reasons why she joined Shoku: to be left alone. The main reason was that she disliked her village, disliked the "false peace" that the people were being persuaded to live with.


The Kiriyama clan have no specific bloodline, although Alilah does by chance possess kekkei genkai. She inherited water style from one side of the family, and wind style from the other. She uses them together to form ice style.

Notable Jutsu:

*Suiton: Hoonjougo (Water release: Water funnel) - This jutsu requires a large amount of chakra, or a large amount of water in the proximity. Still, it is Alilah's trump card, and she doesn't use it often. Hoonjougo creates a swirling vortex of water that looks just like a tornado. The point of the funnel starts at Alilah's hands, and she can wield the funnel like a whip. Once an enemy is caught in the funnel, escape is almost always impossible. However, the drawback of this jutsu is that Alilah can only use it when she has over 75% of her chakra, or if there is a large body of water around.
*Hyouton: Hi no yoroi. (Ice release: Ice armor) - Hi no yoroi is a defensive jutsu, and can be quickly set up to protect against blind spot, aerial, frontal, combo, or underground attacks. As it's name indicates, hi no yoroi covers Alilah's body in a sheet of frozen ice in order to repel attacks. It works well against taijutsu and ninjutsu, but has little to no effect over genjutsu. It is strongest against taijutsu, water style, and wind style. However, it cancels out against fire style. (Meaning fire style can destroy the armor, but the fire jutsu itself will be destroyed as well.)
*Hyouton: Senshi Reitou no Tantou (Ice release: Thousand Frozen Daggers) - This jutsu creates sharp, thin, spears of ice that can move at incredible speeds. These spears are similar to ninja senbon, but larger and faster. They can be deadly when they hit a vital organ, and can tear off limbs with a precise hit. They drawback is that they are smashed rather easily by a skilled ninja.

Ninjutsu: Alilah's primary function. She usually resorts to using her kekkei genkai.

Genjutsu: Alilah just plain doesn't use it.

Taijutsu: Alilah also likes to use taijutsu, to start off battles and "warm herself up".

Special Abilities:*

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