Name: Kirisaku (To Sharpen the Mist)
Classification: Genin, D-Class
Birthdate: February 28th
Age: Thirteen
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Gender: Male
Blood type: A+

  • Kirigakure
  • Land of Waves

Appearance: Kirisaku's usual dress consists mostly of muted blues and greys that, by design, blur into the ever-present mists that saturate the aptly named Land of Mists. Two of his most notable features are his boyishly appealing looks and his always-damp hair; though it is quite stylish, his hair never seems to dry out all the way from the mists surrounding the Land of Waves. Kirisaku wears a distinctive white silken scarf at all times (he has never been seen without it) and also has a unique charm bracelet of Electric blue crystal and water-polished stones, some engraved in black with little designs and runes. The main charm is a polished blue magatama stone.

Personality: Kirisaku (or just 'Kiri', as he is known to some) is a very pleasant, outgoing, 'people person' type of young ninja. He is very polite with his superiors, very kind to his equals, and very understanding of all, regardless of position of any sort. Kiri has a highly developed sense of empathy, placing himself in others' shoes and seeing things from their angle, sometimes almost to the point of seeming to read their minds. He is extremely considerate of others' needs and desires, and is constantly aware of himself and others, trying to be as helpful and useful to his teammates as he can be.

Kirisaku comes from a medium-wealthy family, a rare thing in the impoverished Land of Waves, but he has seen his fare share of troubles. His mother was a quiet, gentle, extremely delicate woman who Kiri loves dearly; his father was an alcoholic as well as a man of considerable stress from his occupation, and was not very kind to either Kirisaku or his mother. One day, possibly for the better, the man disappeared with nothing more than a note that was found at their house; with him he took a large part of their minor wealth, leaving the two of them saddled with debts that they did not even know had been tied to their name. In the end the two fled back to her Father's house, where they were taken in with open arms, supported, nursed back to health, and from where Kirisaku spent the rest of his Childhood before joining the Ninja academy.

Despite his very personable nature, Kirisaku spends a lot of time alone. Much of his alone time is spent thinking, practicing his Ninja arts, playing a variety of Wind instruments, or carving new ones himself. Seldom can he be found without either a Shakuhachi or a Paixaio, and can often be heard playing drifting, lilting music, even when he doesn't know there's anyone around to hear.

Bloodline: None.

Notable Jutsu:

Kirisaku strays away from fighting at all whenever he can help it, but once battle has been joined he utilizes a Battle Wire, a Shinobi gauntlet that produces many fine, irresistibly sharp iron wires to battle opponents. This particular fighting style prefers to keep its enemies a little further back than arm's reach, and so he also possesses various means of ensuring distance is kept between himself and his opponent.

Sealing Techniques: Kirisaku has received basic instruction in utilizing specially made inks and specific jutsus to enact a variety of effects through the use of calligraphy and ninja arts. The most commonly used of these techniques involves the sealing of inanimate objects into the pages of a scroll for retrieval at a later time. He also utilizes advanced seals, pre-scribed pages similar to an exploding tag, but that channel chakra for different uses.

Ninjutsu: Kirisaku employs equal parts Suiton (Water) and Fuuton (Wind) jutsus, including such classics as the Kazegama no Jutsu (Wind Sythe Jutsu) and Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Jutsu), though both are admittedly closer to novice levels. He also has learned a few techniques for utility, including a mid/low level camouflaging technique that he uses to great effect.

Taijutsu: Kirisaku's taijutsu abilities largely consist of techniques concerning the Kousen Ryu (Iron Wire Style) along with his battle wire, but he also keeps a few surprises saved for a rainy day (or, rainier than usual). Among others, he knows the Shundou (Instant Displacement) technique, a high-speed burst of movement that allows him to travel faster than the (normal) human eye can track over very short distances.

Genjutsu: Kirisaku is not terribly comfortable using intermediate level or higher genjutsu techniques, though he has an undeniable proficiency with them. He is capable of simple tricks like confusing the specific motions of his hands when doing ninja hand seals with Douta no Jutsu (Hand Motion Confususion), all the way up to more devastating Jutsus like some lower level Magen (Demonic Mirage) techniques, for example the Magen - Narakumi no Jutsu (Demonic Mirage - Living Hell Technique). Many will find that his genjutsu influences are more difficult to resist than a genin of his level would typically be capable of, but he is not quite genius level even with Genjutsu, and is not that special.

Chakra Control: Kiri has an innate understanding and ability with chakra control, having learned to apply it in creative ways even past the basic chakra control techniques. However, he has not spent as much time studying and practicing chakra control jutsu as he has other categories, though this comes more from not having a dedicated teacher in this area than not having ability or interest.

Special Abilities:*

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