Name/Rank: Kinoti/Genin
Classification: D-Class
Birthdate: April 2nd
Age: 13
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Gender: Male

Appearance: Kinoti is found normally with a smile that fits his age, or with the serious studying face of an aged man paying attention to every detail in his books. His hair is blond and his eyes are brown. He holds himself tall and upright, always proud. He wears his forehead protector on his head 'where it belongs.' He has a thick, tan vest similar to those worn by chuunin, padded for protection and covered in small scroll sized pockets. His pants are a deep brown that match the vest, padded and covered in pockets. Every pocket is placed so that Kinoti can easily open any of them with ease and no interference from the others. A few pockets near his hips very from the rest. There's two pockets for kunai and two for shuriken. He also has a belt mounted pack to hold various odds and ends that he feels he might need.

Personality: Kinoti has two sides to him. The fun loving, lazy, enjoy the day side is where he would be all the time if he could. He loves to just spend time with his friends and waste the day away. He can enjoy simple little pranks, nonsense games with rules that change on the fly, or even some structured game with enforced rules. Then there's the serious side. This side of him sees the dangers of the world, the troubles that the world holds, and what little he can do about it. This side also does what it can to make sure that when he can have fun with his friends, it is with as little worry as possible. Kinoti can almost be called bi-polar with how quickly he can switch sides. One second he'll be laughing at some joke, then something will click, some problem solved in his mind, and off he'll race to take care of it with a seriousness to him that shows no fun that he was having seconds ago.

Bloodline: Kinoti holds no bloodline in his family, he isn't even sure if his family has any ninjas in them.

Notable Jutsu: What jutsu does your character use the most often? It's entirely possible to deviate from this list, but try not to do so very much.

Scroll Summoning: Kinoti's abilities in combat lay in three places. His mind, his weapons, and his scrolls. Those many pockets he has will summon a weapon, or a large cache of weapons for him to use. Most are mundane, some have been chakra infused to boost their power. The special ones he avoids using unless he has to, they are his trump cards.

Special Abilities: Kinoti's strength in all things, is his mind. He has been gifted with the ability to observe and learn. His abilities to observe his surroundings are hard to match. While he might not be much of a fighter, he is one of the best supporters you could ask for. Put him on the sidelines of a fight, and he will be able to tell you how to beat your opponent.
However, this does offer a couple noticeable weakness in his strength. First of all, he's not much of a fighter. He can defend himself to buy time and he might take a couple quick shots at some openings he'll so, but mostly he lacks real offensive capabilities…for now. The other problem is his lack of field experience. While he's watching one person fight, trying to figure out how to help his team mate win, he might zone in on the fight and not notice when someone sneaks up on him. Making him an easy target.

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