Katsutaba Enrou

Name/rank: Katsutaba Enrou, Captain of the ANBU
Classification: A-class
Age: 24
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 122 lbs (~55 kg)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Konoha, Hokage, ANBU

Appearance: Enrou is rather skinny, more whipcord than muscled in frame. He has a messy mop of black hair that frames his thin face and gray eyes. He wears the standard ANBU chest armor over a ashen turtleneck shirt, and a matching pair of mottled-gray pants. When on duty, he wears a mask that has faint gray swirls on it, reminiscent of smoke.

Personality: Enrou tends to never be completely straightforward, but if that's just for the fun of watching people try and figure out what he means, or else just doesn't think like others and doesn't want to take the effort of 'translating' it has yet to be determined. Despite this he generally tries to nice, if a smartass at times.

Bloodline: none

Notable Jutsu:
Seireiha: Enrou creates a pair of blades composed purely of chakra. They're katana-length, and look like they're made from oily smoke. They are nearly weightless, and razor sharp.

Shunshin: The most basic, but still fairly uncommon shunjutsu (space-time technique). Able to instantly transport the user short distances, it is the precursor to much more advanced (and incredibly rare) shunjutsu. He has skill in the more advanced techniques as well.
Enrou has developed a variation on the body-flicker technique he calls the Blinkstrike stance. By using numerous tiny teleportations, he causes his image to waver and blink in and out. Whenever he moves, he simply vanishes for a moment before reappearing elsewhere, no sound or blur of movement in between appearances. If he focuses, he can extend these flickers, moving in such a way as to replicate short shunshin jumps without having to use the actual technique.

Shunpo: A taijutsu technique, This allows Enrou to make leaps faster than the eye can see. He can chain the jumps together, but each must be from a stable point. He also knows a few variations of this technique such as Mugen Shunpo and Hirameku. Using the technique too much can leave him fatigued.

Chakra Control: Skilled, as it is basis for his Seireiha technique.

Genjutsu: Little skill. Knows a few basic genjutsu, and can break them with fair efficiency, but little more than that.

Ninjutsu: Some skill, almost exclusively in the area of shunjutsu.

Taijutsu: Very skilled, in the areas of mobility and kenjutsu. Without using techniques he is still quite fast, and while he isn't incredibly strong, he still can crack rock if he hits it squarely.

Other Skills: As the captain of the ANBU, Enrou is a skilled tracker, as well as being essentially silent and invisible when he wants to be. Avoiding being followed is another skill he possesses.

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