Ikari Haru

Name: Ikari Haru
Classification: Genin, D-Class
Birthdate: January 6th
Age: Thirteen
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 80 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: O-

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Haru is a small boy with short brown spiky hair. He has strange hazel eyes that are mostly green but some brown. He also has sectoral heterochromia in his right eye, coloring it partially red. He wears sandals like everyone else and usually some loose-legged pants like jeans and a t-shirt. He'll wear a hoodie or a sweatshirt too if it gets cold enough. Eventually, he'll have his forehead protector around his neck or over his left bicep. Not sure which yet.

Personality: Haru used to be timid, shy and a mama's boy. He changed however, a little bit after he joined the academy. He became seemingly apathetic and lazy to try to fit in with the other kids but it didn't work very well, because of his strange eye color and his "girly" and "gay" name.

Now, Haru is still seemingly lazy, but his work gets done diligently and he follows in class, but he seems peeved by the whole arrangement. Only outside of school he acts normally. He still tries to act cool and aloof, but when he's having fun, he relents and acts normally. In a fight, he tries to think things through rationally, although sometimes his bullheadedness gets ahead of him and he slips up. Generally he doesn't make such mistakes though.

Element: Katon

Bloodline: Haru doesn't have a notable bloodline but is still skilled nonetheless.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Hisen no Jutsu: One of his stronger attacks, Haru looses a short blast of flames that can be aimed as effectively as any projectile weapon, but he often wields it almost like a knife in close combat.
  • Shitsunen no Jutsu: Memory lapse technique. Haru has used this to further exploit his opponents and sometimes even plays pranks with it.

Aside from that, he is proficient with many other katon techniques including the weaker Shoukakyuu no Jutsu.

Ninjutsu: Haru knows a couple of ninjutsu outside of the basic academy ones and is quite skilled for a genin. Most of them are katon.

Genjutsu: Haru remains not particularly skilled in genjutsu, though he is learning. He does know the basics of them but he's still incapable of fully counteracting their effects.

Taijutsu: Haru is pretty good at martial arts, though it doesn't help very much when he's being attacked by multiple assailants. Still, it helps to be able to defend oneself at least a little bit.

Special Abilities:

  • Smart: Haru is extremely smart for his age and has a great tactical mind. He probably plays shogi or chess or something of the like. He definitely used to with his dad. Aside from that, he learns techniques very quickly and sometimes even gets a step ahead by figuring out an effective counter. Sometimes he lets this get to his head, but mostly he keeps to himself anyway, so he isn't exactly a braggart.
  • Speed: Though he isn't super fast, Haru's speed is something that he depends on. He can move quickly if need be and has good reaction time.
  • Martial Arts: Because of both of the above, Haru is fairly proficient in martial arts, though he doesn't have the strength to use devastating attacks with his fists.
  • Amatsu no Karada (Heavenly Body): An extremely powerful technique for someone of Haru's level and seeming capability. The jutsu forces an enormous amount of fire chakra into his body, even causing it to take a flickering white aura, slightly resembling a flame. Haru's body emanates intense amounts of heat whenever he uses this technique, causing burns against anything he touches. This is not without cost however, after using the technique, he becomes severely weakened from the amount of bodily damage caused by such an application of chakra. He isn't sure how well he can wield it however, as it often spins out of control and he is knocked unconscious.
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