Ichirou Goya

Tokubetsu Jounin (Otogakure)

Goya's body is completely covered by heavy black clothing which makes his age difficult to determine, though his voice would suggest that he is at least in his fifties.

The reason for this, known to few, is that his body is made entirely of living shadow. If this clothing were removed, exposure to sunlight would slowly kill him. He is most vulnerable to techniques which create bright light as part of their effects - mostly Fire and Lightning element jutsu. He can, however, regenerate his body over time if part of it is destroyed.


Shadow Possession Jutsu: Goya possesses great skill with this technique and may use it against multiple targets at once.

Shadow Teleportation Jutsu: Goya slowly sinks into a shadow and emerges in another shadow elsewhere. Can only be used in darkened areas which he is aware of. He cannot do anything else while entering or leaving a shadow, and he is severely wounded if a shadow is destroyed while he is inside it. Might be able to bring targets of his Shadow Possession with him.

Night Clone Jutsu: A variant of the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Since he is made of shadow, he splits himself rather than creating a solid image. His power is divided evenly depending on the number of clones (eg. if he splits in three, each will be one-third as strong as the original). While his bodies cannot travel very far from each other, he will not die as long as one of them is alive. Killing a clone will result in its power being redistributed among the others, but also the damage it took.

Earth-style Ninjutsu: Goya is capable of mid-level earth style techniques. He will sometimes use them to create small underground caverns which he can enter with his Shadow Teleportation Jutsu, in order to lick his wounds or set ambushes.


While his combat ability is normally poor, if he removes his protective clothing he can extend his limbs and form claws similar to those created by the Shadow Sewing Jutsu. With their bulk removed, he is also more agile. He seldom does this, however, since this greatly reduces his defences.


None. He gets rather exasperated when people expect him to be some kind of expert just because of his theme.

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