Hisakawa Ayaka

Name/Rank: Hisakawa Ayaka, Jounin
Classification: A-class
Birthdate: December 4th (real date unknown)
Age: 16
Height: 5’4”
Weight: Light
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Land of Lightning

Appearance:Ayaka is a relatively short individual, both for her age and overall. She has black hair and light skin, not being a native of the Land of Lighting. She generally wears an outfit that imitates that of her sensei, Haruka, leaving the belly uncovered, although she uses her forehead protector to tie back her hair instead of covering her forehead.

Background: Ayaka was adopted by her parents after they found her in a ruined village. She has no knowledge, however, of the incident, having been only six months old at the time. She became a member of Haruka’s genin squad, and looked up to her sensei to the point of mimicking her clothing. She became the youngest Jounin of Kumogakure at the age of fourteen, and the year after that became a sensei to a tam herself. It says a lot for Haruka’s ability to judge that she recognized that underneath the bouncy personality, Ayaka was actually the most intelligent and actually quite sensible member of her squad.

Personality: Ayaka has a personality that can be best described as ‘go get them’, being constantly on the move, and never seeming to rest. However, what only a few people have realized is that Ayaka is actually evaluating everyone she meet, and how they react. Even so, the predominant word that could be used to describe her is ‘exausting’.

Notable jutsu: Ayaka’s jutsu are flower based, a possible variant of Mokuton, which she has enhanced with Katon in some of her jutsu.
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•Kaede no haton: Kankin no jutsu: This technique summons a large amount of maple leaves, which wrap around the body of the target and stick together, immobilising the target. The area wrapped can vary from just the torso, immobilising only arms, or the entire body. It also provides a great deal of protection against incoming attacks, due to the Chakra holding the leaves together.
•Kaede no haton: Yari no jutsu: This technique summons a number of maple leaves, and forms them into a spear which is held together with chakra. It produces an extremely effective weapon.
•Toumitsu Seme no jutsu: This jutsu produces an amount of syrup, varying from only a small amount, to a massive flood. This is used for a variety of purposes, from keeping opponents off balance, to capturing in conjuction with.

She leads a Genin team consisting of nero-kachi, tanmono-sano and aokigami-yuu.

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