Hatsumi Sokaku

Name: Hatsumi Sokaku
Classification: Chuunin, B-Class
Birthdate: November 27th
Age: Nineteen
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 175 lb.
Gender: Male
Blood type: O

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Sokaku has a generally unassuming appearance. Despite his height, his weight is such that his build is a very healthy average. He wears his hair loose and to about his shoulders. His clothing, even when off duty, is what many think of when they hear the word "ninja"; he typically wears blacks, grays, and other dull colors. Simple, loose pants and long sleeved shirts. Instead of the more common "ninja sandals", he wears heavy steel-plated boots. His hands have thick fingerless gloves on them. He wears his "forehead protector" on his belt, leaving his head free. He carries a single pouch of kunai, as well as a small number of shuriken, but he doesn't tend to rely on them; his belt is comparatively empty of anything but the bare minimum of supplies and such.

Personality: Beneath the veil of a secretive ninja about whom few know about… Is a man that fewSokaku was born without the ability to properly channel chakra to use ninjutsu, genjutsu, or similar skills. His system is "stunted"; he's alive, and capable of developing his natural abilities, but is otherwise "handicapped". Realizing this at a young age, he decided to resort to true, simple skills. This formed the basis of his philosophy. Sokaku believes that any individual can surpass another given time and effort. While the so called "geniuses", as well as most anyone with a bloodline limit, has a better head start, someone with little natural talent can surpass them if he continuously works to improve his skills and power. Flexibility is another key to success. Flexibility of mind, flexibility of style, flexibility of body, flexibility of method. Only your beliefs, your convictions, your bonds of friendship should be strong and unmoving.

Though he was teased as a child, Sokaku is a very easy-going individual, often having a smile and kind word for his fellow man. Any remarks about his lack of ability with regards is met with a shrug and a smile. He is often found encouraging those who are themselves found "lacking" by their peers, guiding them to find and develop their own strengths, or even create one whole cloth. Sokaku is happy to work with his fellow Konoha ninja, working to aid them and better the village. However, anyone who threatens his village, threatens his friends, or attacks the defenseless earns his ire. Hatsumi Sokaku's anger is not the raging volcano; is is the crashing, freezing ocean.
When he is serious, Sokaku is a deadly opponent, seeking to win a fight in the fewest possible number of moves.

Element: Unknown

Bloodline: If anything, Sokaku has the opposite of a bloodline. Though his body produces some measure of chakra, his chakra pathways are stunted such that he can never use genjutsu or ninjutsu.

Notable Jutsu:

Ninjutsu: None

Genjutsu: None

Chakra Control: Only so much as is necessary to activate and deactivate his weight seals. Other than that, none.

Taijutsu: More so than his weights, Sokaku's focus has been on taijutsu, skill at unarmed combat. He has learned a multitude of styles, focusing on varied methods.Thus, he can adjust his style on the fly while in the middle of a fight, keeping his opponent off-guard. His favored styles tend to utilize either throws,joint locks, and force redirects, or some style that puts the opponent off-guard (such as drunken boxing, or capoeira). While skilled, Sokaku is still young enough he's only truly achieved basic mastery of his varied forms. It will take him a few years still to become a full master in all of them.

Hijutsu: None.

Kinjutsu: Sokaku's "ace in the hole" is his ability to use the Eight Celestial Gates. He knows, at least in theory, how to open all of them. However, in practice, he can only open the first 3 gates. Those gates, however, he's practiced enough with to not totally exhaust himself after usage, so long as it is for brief periods. Any more gates are only opened in the direst of circumstances.

Special Abilities:

Sokaku has spent his entire life training his body to greater heights of strength. He has used special weights for years; these days, he has cloth bands wrapped around his forearms, calves, and chest. These bands are covered in special seals that act like more traiditional weights. Sokaku has what, to him, feels like several hundred pounds constantly, the weight displaced evenly along his entire body. Though he posseses no true skill with chakra usage, Sokaku has trained himself to be able to manage these special weights. He can either adjust them up or down, or even turn them completely off.

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