Hamake Miragata

Name: Hamake Miragata
Classification: Jounin, A-class
Birthdate: May 3rd
Age: Twenty-one
Height: 5'7"
Weight: ?
Blood type: AB

  • Sunagakure
  • Kazekage

Appearance: Miragata appears to be a more laid-back personality type. She has wavy waist-length auburn hair that she puts in a bun, but a few strands always seem to escape in the breeze. She wears her headband around her neck, and doesn't wear anything flashy. She usually wears the standard uniform of a Suna jounin (with a few slight modifications here and there, it really depends on how she's feeling), but will sometimes pull a sweater over her uniform on colder days. She'll never ever be seen wearing the customary desert headdress, though. Her eyes are hazel-colored, with a hint of green. She carries two 3/4 length katanas strapped to her back. Her forearms have black tattoos used for summoning purposes. What gives away her appearance, however, is the long, thin, vertical scar on her face, running from beyond the hairline, and down over her left ear.

Personality: Having the laid-back attitude that she does, Miragata carries the gift of patience, which enables her to always calmly think through any situation, whether it's what to buy for dinner, or how to defeat a high-ranking foe. Miragata isn't exactly fond of fighting, but she doesn't shy away from it either. She believes that there is always room for improvement, and so can often be found in remote areas practising and perfecting her ninjutsu. Miragata doesn't love to be the center of attention, she actually finds it to be quite annoying, which is why she prefers to stay in the background most of the time. She is also the youngest person in Sunagakure to acheive jounin level-she acheived jounin rank a day before her fifteenth birthday. It is not quite certain yet, but it is believed that she will be chosen as the Kazekage's sucessor.

Element: See below.

Bloodline: The Hamake clan possesses a very unique kekkei genkai: by using wind and lightning style together, light style is created. This style has been used by the Hamake for many years, giving it time to be mastered, and for new jutsu to be created with it. It is estimated that the Hamake created approximately twenty-nine different jutsu with this style, although Miragata can use only eight of those.

Notable Jutsu:

Miragata is the only ninja in Konohagakure to use the light style (other members of her family that use it are in Sunagakure). This unique trait sets her apart from the other jounin. This jutsu uses the sun's rays and bends them to form the shapes and jutsu used. Out of the eight light-style techniques that Miragata can use, she has four favorites.

  • Senkousenrou no jutsu (Thousand Beams Prison Jutsu) - a jutsu which creates beams of light across the sky which Miragata is able to walk on, which greatly increases her range. Also, if she has enough chakra, she can make the beams vibrate at high speeds, in order to ensure that her enemy keeps their distance.
  • Me ga Kuramuyouna Tsurugi no jutsu (Blinding Sword Jutsu) - In this jutsu, the light that Miragata wields is placed around her swords, so that her swords have a more accurate, and cleaner cut. It also increases the swords' range, and well as their cutting power.
  • Amano Tsurugi no jutsu (Heaven's Blade Jutsu) - A jutsu that might appear to be some type of teleportation jutsu, Miragata pours extra chakra into the light she uses to temporarily vanish and end up in another spot of her choice. This jutsu doesn't always go smoothly, because it requires great effort and much chakra in order for Miragata to be able to choose exactly where she wants to go. However, once perfected, Miragata will be able to vanish and instantly appear before her enemy.
  • Hankyouna Sakebi no jutsu (Echoing Scream Jutsu) - This is almost a genjutsu. Waves of light are sent through the enemy's field of vision, causing temporary blindness. While the enemy is blinded, Miragata can bend the light little by little, causing the enemy to experience visions. Miragata can't use this jutsu as well as the others, and is in the process of perfecting it.

Jutsu Abilities: Miragata is a ninjutsu type, she has one genjutsu (Echoing Scream) that she can use, but if at all possible, she doesn't like to use genjutsu. She is fairly strong at taijutsu, but would rather use kenjutsu (the art of the sword).

Special Abilities:

  • Tiger Pact: Miragata has a pact with the tigers, allowing her to summon one to fight alongside her in battle. However, since she only recently formed this pact, she does not always get along perfectly with whomever she summons.
  • Tactical and Weapons Abilities: Miragata isn't the type who decides to charge in without first gauging her opponent's strength. She always carefully watches her opponent, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Only then does she form a strategy and apply it. Miragata is proficient in the use of a sword, and her clan have always been particular to swordsmanship, so she was taught from a young age. However, she is the most gifted kenjutsu master in all of Sunagakure (and perhaps other villages too). She dislikes using things like kunai or shuriken, and so rarely refers to her holster. Her swords are indeed chakra blades, but she only ever uses this ability when using her kekkei genkai. She likes to use kenjutsu to assess her opponent's strengths and blind spots before using her kekkei genkai.
  • Chakra Control: Since Miragata's kekkei genkai jutsu require large amounts of chakra, she was never able to control it very well. Her body just got used to pouring out all chakra available, which is why she tires rather quickly during battles. If she could acheive proper chakra control, she would become more skilled. Since she has weak chakra control, if there is a fight going on in an area close by, her own chakras will pick up other's chakra and simultaneously react.
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