Name: 絃司 Genji
Classification: Jounin, A-Class
Birthdate: December 12
Age: Forty-two
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 140 lb. (63,5 kg)
Gender: Male
Blood type: O-

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Genji has short, brown-gray hair and wears his headband over both his eyes. He wears a long green mantle with a long collar covering his mouth, eight sleeves positioned in a radial pattern and an opening through the front, he never passes his arms through the sleeves. Beneath the mantle is a lean man dressed in standard, dark blue uniform. He carries a small red notebook and a blue pen with him at all times.

Personality: Beneath the veil of a secretive ninja about whom few know about… Is a man that few know about. Genji likes to keep numerous secrets. Quite a few of them just for the sake of keeping others guessing. His surname is one such case. Were he lives is another. Finally, what he writes in his notebook is subject to much questioning. The first impression he leaves is usually one of secretiveness. Further beneath these silly quirk is learned ninja without a single failed mission in his record. Genji likes unorthodox methods of teaching and will often test the patience of those under his tutelage.

Genji is a war veteran but holds no grudges against those who he fought against, in fact, he prefers to keep emotions and business separate when possible. He doesn't take missions very often anymore, preferring to teach new shinobi, give advice and protect Konohagakure.

Finally, Genji does, in fact, have a family. His son, daughter-in-law and their children live in Konoha, Genji's wife died of an illness one decade ago and his parents passed away from age.

Element: Genji's chakra has affinities for Earth and Air.

Bloodline: Unknown. Genji keeps his surname secret, it is said only the Hokage knows it and none who tried to find it out succeeded in the endeavour.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Kamisorizen no jutsu (Razor Wire Technique): Genji's main attack. He prefers to use a flexible steel wire for this, but silk or even common linen works just as well. The razor wires that lash out from him can cut clean even through stone.
  • Hitoshirezusu no jutsu (Unseen Web Technique): Silk thread is Genji's favorite for this technique. The unseen web covers the floor, the walls and even the air should he wish to, one end of it always connected to himself. It is very strong and hard to notice, leading to entangling. As added effects, Genji can cause the threads to constrict their prey, and is aware whenever someone touches a thread, being able to ascertain a few details about the individual's physical aspects due to this.
  • Chide no jutsu (Thousand Hands Technique): His most basic technique. Numerous threads shoot out of Genji's sleeves. These threads can attach to ropes, chains, roots or vines and allow him to control them, they can also wield weapons, manipulate objects, attack targets and even make hand signals (but not jutsu seals).
  • Miirakan no jutsu (Mummy Coffin Technique): This technique shoots linen or silk threads at a target, immobilizing him. The threads then wrap around the target from head to toe, the resulting cocoon is extremely claustrophobic, presses the chest, making breathing difficult and makes movements of the legs, arms and neck all but impossible, seeing through the cocoon is also not possible for most.
  • Tokihoguse no jutsu (Unraveling Technique): Recognized by some as one of the vilest techniques developed in Konohagakure. With this technique Genji shoots lines of silk thread at his opponent. These threads attach to clothes, and a second later cause the pieces to be unwoven. The power of this technique in combat is threefold. One, it causes extreme embarrassment on most opponents, second, it causes the enemy ninja to lose much of his equipment, which usually falls to the ground, third is gives Genji more threads to manipulate in the terrain.

Ninjutsu: Genji is very well versed in ninjutsu, knowing numerous fire and wind techniques, along with a few earth jutsu. His wire techniques are his true specialty in the field of ninjutsu.

Genjutsu: Genji's genjutsu is somewhat minor, but existant. He prefers to use the techniques to make himself harder to find and also to trick his oponents into believing his wires are more numerous than they actualy are.

Taijutsu: Taijutsu is Genji's second specialty, along with ninjutsu. He uses his wires as medium for a number of taijutsu techniques, specialy those that also make use of his evil eye.

Special Abilities:

  • Byakugan: Both of Genji's eyes hold the pale countenance of the Byakugan, the Evil Eye. These potent tools give him 360° vision and allow him to see normally even with the headband over his eyes. Genji can see as far as two kilometers away when focusing his sight into a single direction and notice fine details. It is unknown if Genji's Byakugan is originally his or if he took it from another ninja.
  • Wire technique: Genji is a master of threads. His combat style is completely centered around wires, threads and ropes, and he carries numerous different spools beneath his mantle for this purpose.
  • Strength: Genji's strength is greater than his thin form would indicate, but still not on the high end of the shinobi.
  • Speed: Genji is very agile, one of the fastest shinobi of Konohagakure.
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