Gakeichigo Momo

Name: Gakeichigo Momo
Classification: Missing-nin, High A-Class
Birthdate: November 22nd
Age: 9 or 10 (Early twenties)
Height: 4'1"
Weight: Pretty light~ "H-hey! W-why are you picking me up? Put me down!"
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB

Appearance: Momo carries a pretty normal looking katana on her back, which is still quite large for the child in comparison. She has big blue eyes and a medium lengthed haircut, though she wears clips and accessories in it - especially one in the form of a six-petaled peach blossom. One could say she is dressed in a kind of festival costume, and generally looks somewhat adorable. Her costuming changes often enough, but is generally some sort of mixture between cute and practical. She does have a tendency to become a 'dress-up doll' at the hands of some of the other Seven who stay in touch with her, but Momo doesn't really seem to mind. She does not wear her headband, as it actually happens to be too large for the young girl.

Her actual appearance is of the same girl who is in her twenties. Actually much older and more experienced, the only real difference is her clothes obviously fit her body differently in her adult form. Her sword is carried at her waist, much as a samurai would in her adult form. She does wear her headband - assuming she has time to put it on- around her neck.

Personality: Momo seems like a pretty normal ninja genin child - playful, spirited and excited, but still young at heart. She has a particular delight for sweets and sugary foods, which she has shared with Hoshiko. She's a shaky type that will leave people wondering if she really is one of the Seven Swordsmen. Until she draws her sword, and by then it's too late. She doesn't look like she enjoys killing, but the visage of a little girl covered in blood, walking away from the slaughter is a nightmare that the rare survivor might carry. One could say though that being in a child form all the time wears off on her a bit, and she's probably the least likely of the Seven to open hostilities. In fact, given her carefree nature, she is probably able to be convinced to stay out of the way, or maybe even help if the proper rewards are offered.
As her name suggests, she doesn't like cold weather, and one of the rumors of why she left her village was that it was too damp and cold for her tastes. Or too boring. But these are just rumors of course.

When she grips her sword and wraps her tassel about her hand, her true resolve is revealed, and one will be unable to convince her to stand down or surrender. It is a chillingly rare sight, and should one be familiar with this rumor about her, something that should likely strike terror or at least resignation in her foe.

As an adult she seems pretty carefree and relaxed, obviously taking life pretty simple as a wandering swordsman and keeping a low profile. She is rarely seen in this form, unless it is necessary - when say, traveling as a child is more troublesome than it's worth. But should she be encountered in this form by an opponent or enemy, it is likely for one of two reasons: 1) She deems the threat to herself too large and dangerous to play about in a child form, or 2) she's used up just about all of her chakra and cannot sustain it anymore.

Bloodline: No special bloodline.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Hien "Flying Swallow": A master of using Wind chakra about her sword, Momo's sword's cutting power and length is enhanced and extended beyond what one would expect. She may not have raw power in a fight, but by taking advantage of an enemy's misconception, she can cut them down with one strike.
  • 霧殺: 燕羽の飛び回る Musatsu: Enha no Tobimawaru- "Murdering Mist: Fluttering of the Swallow's Feathers": Should she fail to slay her opponent immediately with her first blow, Momo generally adopts this stance and technique- making two shadow clones (her limit) and engaging in a complicated, blurred sword dance to fight her foe. With three targets/swords, each with a varying Cutting length, it is nigh impossible to engage in melee combat with her and expect to win - unless one is also skilled at shadow-clone manipulation and taijutsu. The name comes from the subtle graceful beauty of fluttering wings, the rhythm of their flight, and the graceful way they cut through the sky effortlessly. One could say this is the Ultimate Expression of the Hien technique. Against a single opponent this is a death sentence - evident by the forenamed "Murdering Mist" - a relic of the hushed whispers the enemies of Mist used to pass during the wars long ago. Momo has refined and given this style a grace it once did not carry…and perhaps it is all the more fearsome because of it.
  • Kenjutsu: Momo, being one of the Seven Swordsmen, is an expert in combat with the blade. Her style uses what appears to be a normal katana, and she is quite proficient with it, and knows the exact length of her blade as if it was her own hand. Her fighting style is fast and precise beyond all measure - the kind that is almost a blur to the unprepared, and yet capable of cutting the wick of a burning candle without touching the wax. If it was it's appearance was to be summed up in one word, it would be "Effortless".

Ninjutsu: She is relatively weak in ninjutsu: Having a constant youthful appearance effort maintained, and when fighting, Hien, and at most on top of that, the two shadow clones for Mikazuki…She doesn't have the chakra to really engage in ninjutsu. She knows the basics, though, and is able to identify plenty of techniques performed against her. Having Hien enhanced on her sword does make her quite effective in cutting through lightning based jutsu, however.

Taijutsu: Her absolutely strongest point. Engaging in melee combat with her without a thorough knowledge of her skills and abilities is suicide. This of course, goes for all the Seven Swordsmen, and one may find that amongst her companions that Momo is not as quick to draw her blade, but if she does, one can be assured she will not let her opponent lift his head. Whereas the other seven swordsmen may be willing to let a battle extend to a range or using ninjutsu, Momo will never allow her battles to progress to that range - keeping her opponents close within her range (or extending her sword's range as necessary) and nullifying those abilities as she can. There is no respite once she starts.

Genjutsu: To an extent, one could say she is quite skilled at deceiving, but actually Genjutsu techniques…not really.

Special Abilities:*

Asanagi: The sword that Momo uses essentially appears to be a katana. A charm hangs from the end of the hilt in the form of a six petaled peach blossom on a tassel - she generally will wrap this about her hand after she has finished her opponent - or at least, after her first strike has failed. In a way, it's a symbolic act both of signifying unity with her sword, but also that she will not drop it or suffer to let it fall aside. The flower on the tassel matches the one she has tied in her hair.

Henge no Jutsu: Similar to Tsunade, Momo is under a seemingly constant Henge of a younger version of herself. She maintains this with seemingly no effort, and is only liable to drop it when her chakra is nearly completely exhausted, or when it is necessary to be an 'adult' about something.

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