Fuuyama Ayame

Name: Fuuyama Ayame
Classification: Genin, C-rank
Birthdate: August 1st
Age: Thirteen
Height: 4'2"
Weight: ?
Blood type: ???

  • Sunagakure
  • Land of Wind

Appearance: Ayame is a small girl with red hair and tanned skin. She has dark brown eyes. She usually wears a sandy colored T-Shirt and Pants. She has wide, knee-length boots that help her from sinking too much into the sand in here home-country. They also help here from sinking in mud.She has her headband on her forehead. She has a pair of Kamina-like sunglasses that she sometimes wears.

Personality: A cheerful, reckless girl. Basically, Genki. Owns a shamisen, which she will commonly play. Loves spicy food. The spicier, the better. She isn't a slacker, and will do a mission enthusiastically and energetically, sometimes ending comically.

Element: Unknown.

Bloodline: Not a bloodline, but her family is known for musical genjutsus. Predictably enough, she also chooses this type of technique. She chooses a shamisen as her instrument. Some of the techniques are known only to the Fuuyama Clan.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Sphere of Silence - The slow song causes all sound but itself to cease within a radius of 10 meters.
  • Blissfull Nightmare - Allows Fuuyama to create a dream or nightmare for the target to an extent.

Ninjutsu: Her second strongest point. She knows a range of D and C rank jutsus.

Genjutsu: Her genjutsu is her strong point. She uses her shamisen to make genjutsus, ranging from full-blown dream sequences, to silenced areas, to simple hallucinations.

Taijutsu: Her weak point. She is barely able to fight back anyone.

Special Abilities:

  • Agility: Extremely agile and dexterous.
  • Shamisen player: An obvious tool of her genjutsu techniques.
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