Fuma Nirou

Name: Fuma Nirou
Classification: Genin, D-rank
Birthdate: May 6th
Age: 13
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 95 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: A-

  • Otogakure
  • Otokage

Appearance: Nirou wears a plain black shirt, fingerless gloves of black leather, gray camouflage pants, and black boots. The black headband sporting his forehead guard holds up the edges of his loose brown hair, and his utility belt has hip sheathes for a pair of those large folding shuriken. Other than that, his appearance is modest and unassuming, perfectly normal for a boy his age.

Personality: Nirou is usually the one who takes command when his Uncle Kyuu isn’t around, if only because his squadmates always wind up fighting if he doesn’t mediate between them. When the internal conflicts of the team aren’t adding mass to an omnipresent anime sweat drop, Nirou is always eager to get involved in anything, particularly a fight.

Bloodline: Fuma

Affinity: Unknown

Notable Jutsu:

Nirou depends on his teammates to provide support for him while he goes for the direct strike with an arsenal of weapons. In additional to his heavy shuriken, he carries eight kunai, as well as a seal scroll for each that makes them able to cut through chakra based materials, such as the intended chakra threads.

Substitution Jutsu: Sometimes used avoid a fatal attack, Nirou’s favored technique is to switch positions with a shuriken that he had just thrown, allowing him to get a second shot if he missed or to move into melee from an unexpected direction.

Special Abilities:*

Chakra Threads: Like all members of the Fuma Clan, Nirou has a talent for chakra threads, which he uses to puppeteer his shuriken and kunai from a distance when threatened by a superior melee combatant. He can extend or retract the threads as he sees fit, but their total length can’t exceed ten meters.

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