Fuma Kyuu

Name: Fuma Kyuu
Classification: Jounin, A-rank
Birthdate: September 8th
Age: 28
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Gender: Male
Blood type: A-

  • Otogakure
  • Otokage

Appearance: Kyuu's attire is that of a well-prepared mercenary: He wears a thick tawny vest with several pockets in the traditional style of an Otogakure chunin. In addition to this he sports a belt for various tools of the trade, sunglasses to protect his eyes, and plated backs on his black gloves. His hair is pitch black in a military cut, and wears his forehead guard on a headband rather than a face mask. He also wears black pants, dark gray boots, and a long sleeved shirt under his vest patterned in the grayed camouflage traditional to the Sound Village.

Personality: Kyuu tends to be the easygoing sort, eager to be whatever it is that needs doing. If someone tries to argue with him, he tends to pester them with questions until they gradually slide off topic. If the time comes for conflict, he’ll drop his easygoing manner and become deathly serious right up to the moment that conflict ceases.

Bloodline: Fuma

Affinity: Wind, but modest ability in Fire

Notable Jutsu:

Fuma Kyuu only knows enough about genjutsu to dispel it, but is exceptionally skilled with taijutsu and ninjutsu. Assuming he has access to supplies, he’ll always been equipped with a half dozen kunai and two dozen paper bombs.

Channel Wind: Fuma Kyuu can channel his Wind Chakra into his kunai, and can also generate wrist blades of pure wind chakra from his glove guards.

Chakra Darts/Ignition: Fuma Kyuu’s glove guards also have a ranged attack option, which allows him to throw darts of wind chakra. While not even able to cut through thick clothing, the darts can be set ablaze with fire chakra, allowing them to ignite paper bombs.

Spider Contract: At his current level, Kyuu can perform one of five types of summons: A tick the size of an elephant capable of great leaps for travel, a black-haired tarantula the size of a horse, a gray-plated web spinner the size of a large dog, a group of up to eight venomous spiders the size of cats with red abdomens, or a swarm of regular-sized spiders that retain the human intellect of a summon.

Special Abilities:*

Chakra Threads: Being of the Fuma Clan, Kyuu has a distinct affinity for chakra threads. Rather than employing the clan’s knowledge, however, Kyuu opted to combine the techniques that came naturally with his elemental affinity, and uses wind chakra with the threads to create chainsaw whips, razor tripwires, and a fuse version of Chakra Ignition to detonate from behind cover.

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