Fukui Katsurou

Name: Fukui, Katsurou
Classification: Genin, B-Class
Birthdate: June 4th
Age: Fifteen
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 140 lb. (63,5 kg)
Gender: Male
Blood type: Unknown

  • Konohagakure
  • Land of Fire

Appearance: Of pretty decent height for his age, Katsurou isn't really the sort to stand out in a crowd. Pointy dark brown hair smoothed down in places suggests that some attention is paid to grooming, though for the most part the mess is lest to its own devices. His eyes a vibrant, verdant green oft wearing a mask of cheerfulness.

Attire is… put bluntly… not at all what one would expect of a ninja. The olive drab cargo pants are fairly standard, but that loud eclectic-blue and gray jacket he's always wearing leaves a bit to be desired. But he isn't likely to give the thing up since it was once his father's. Or so he's been told.

Personality: Not really a loner, but not much of a socialite either. Katsurou isn't one to be found outside the crowd, but rather on the edge. He's been bounced around so many families that he's had trouble forming close ties with very many, though he's always hunting for that opportunity. His own awkwardness and occasional slip-up of his… unique talents don't make the process terribly easy, though. He tries to be friendly, though his own oddness doesn't help.

Outwardly cheerful, the mirth is simply a mask both for others and himself, a mask that often comes off at all the wrong times. Katsurou is haunted by nightmares of the past and rejection alike. Those few friends he manages to make are defended fiercely.

Element: Katsurou's chakra displays no elemental bias to speak of. Which is, in a word, odd. He's utterly unable to master elemental Ninjutsu, each element dampening the others.

Bloodline: Not a true bloodline, but rather an artificial one. Whispers of the Beyond. Technically an enhanced form of Genjutsu, this Bloodline can create illusions that are more than real. Katsurou's skill, while honed, is rather limited. He's unable to manifest any complex illusions, only mustering seemingly impossible spatial relations.

The use of illusion-piercing Bloodline limits whilst Whispers of the Beyond is in use may be hazardous to the practitioner's health. Side effects include seizure, temporary blindness, gibbering insanity, poor bladder control, wide-eyed babbling, uncontrollable 4CHAN meme repetition, insomnia, feelings of utter insignificance in a cold and vast universe beyond your comprehension, and nebulous lurking terror. If you experience any of these side-effects talk to your medical ninja immediately.

Due to its artificial nature this ability is somewhat unreliable, most often relating to random objects being dumped unceremoniously on Katsurou's head. When this limit manifests he takes on a slightly unreal, or perhaps hyper-real, appearance that can adequately be called unnerving.

Notable Jutsu:

  • Window in the Veil: the most commonly manifested form of his Bloodline, this jutsu creates a pair of briefly visible crack in the air in the form of an otherworldly spiraling fractal. The paired geometries act as portals for the passage of physical objects. Both ends of the distortion must be within Katsurou's field of view and closer than a fourth of a mile. Further, he's only able to create one pair of windows at a time.
  • Unseen Destroyer: a rather useful Genjutsu that renders an object or person invisible to the naked eye. Great for stealth. Great for using on a weapon to keep a foe guessing. This technique can be foiled by moderate and advanced anti-illusion techniques.

Ninjutsu: Aside from basic non-elemental jutsu, Katsurou is utterly lacking.

Genjutsu: Katsurou is naturally skilled in Genjutsu, though the more mundane jutsu lack the reality-warping quality of Whispers from Beyond. Despite that minor set-back Katsurou is competent primarily in the use of optical illusions while his mind-influencing jutsu are rather crude.

Taijutsu: Katsurou's taijutsu techniques combine the use of both optical illusions as well as spatial distortions to strike from unexpected and even impossible angles. He's a skilled user of pole-arms primarily, specifically the crescent-moon yari. His hand to hand skills leave a bit to be desired.

Chakra Control: Katsurou has keen control of his own rather unusual chakra. His chakra level is somewhat low, but despite this it replenishes at an astounding rate. He has had little (read: no) practice with such techniques as tree running and water walking.

Special Abilities:

  • Unsettling Presence: While using his limit Katsurou is distinctly unnerving to be in the presence of. Nothing terribly major, though enough to catch a foe off guard. People accustomed to being around him have a strikingly reduced negative reaction.
  • Seal of Primordial Chaos: A powerful cursed seal set on Katsurou's left shoulder blade and normally covered by clothing. If the first stage were activated the seal would greatly enhance his physical prowess, jutsu potency, and chakra level. If the second stage were released things would get downright creepy. This seal has itself been sealed. Katsurou is completely unable to make any use of it.
  • Universal Chakra: Katsurou's chakra has no elemental bias. Or rather, it has all elemental biases. Ideally, this trait should serve as a potent source of rapidly replenishing chakra, with each element building on the power of the others. However, that isn't quite the case. The elements dampen each other slightly, making the use of elemental jutsu nearly impossible. Katsurou does, however, replenish his chakra at an astounding rate. But the chakra is likewise degrading and dissipating due to elemental interference. As such, he runs low on chakra rather quickly.
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