Endo Daichi

Name/Rank: Endo Daichi, Swordsman of the Hidden Rain Village.
Classification: A-Class
Birthdate: December 31st
Age: Thirty-Seven
Height: 7'1"
Weight: More than you
Gender: Male. And Quite admirably so.

Appearance: Daichi is a massive man, seemingly made of muscle. He wears an open cloak that covers most of the right side of his body. His face can be called terrifying, with several scars. It looks like he's in need of a shave as well. His hair is pulled back into a tight, braided ponytail. In lieu of a forehead protector, the symbol for the hidden rain village was scarred into his forehead, barely visible.

Personality: Silent and gruff. He shows signs of intelligence behind all that muscle. He only respects those who've proven themselves. According to some stories, he doesn't like killing, merely leaving his opponents bleeding on the ground. According to others, so much as looking at him funny will be the last look you ever give.

Bloodline: Unknown.

Elemental Affinity: Water and Fire

Notable Jutsu: He shows no talent for Genjutsu, and obviously has a high taijutsu level. He has a massive chakra pool, but he barely uses any jutsu, as far as anyone's seen.

Special Abilities: His massive greatsword, Futtenken (沸点剣) shows an unusual technology level.

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