Chinatsu Rei

Name: Chinatsu Rei
Classification: B-Class
Birthdate: February 14th
Age: ???
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Unknown
Gender: Female
Blood type: O-

  • Shoku
  • Fun

Appearance: Rei's appearance would seem to be very mutable to anyone who didn't know her well, constantly changing with a henge based on the needs of the situation. Those around her long enough know she 'defaults' back to one form more often then others.

However, to those who know her well, she most often takes the form above.

Personality: Chinatsu Rei has been and only can be described as a lunatic and an almost uncontrollable one at that. With a mercurial mood and an ever-shifting method of determining a friend from a foe, she poses just as much a danger in a fight to her allies as she does an enemy which is why she is often seen acting alone or only with her pet snake Iba. Perhaps because of this, she is sadistic in combat and very prone to humiliating her foes before or after she defeats them purely for the joy she gets out of it.

When in battle, Rei's tactics are unusual, wild, and sometimes perverted as she uses any means at her disposal to come out victorious. She also has a tendency to target men as targets when the chance arises. Which makes her allegiance to the Shoku, the leaders of which are primarily male, a bit curious but only Rei and possibly a couple others know the answer to that. It's possible that even she doesn't.


No bloodline has been noted for the Chinatsu family, but the potency of their genjutsu puts that in question a little.

Notable Jutsu:

*Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - This technique has been seen a lot and it's intricacies are well understood, so there is little to note here that hasn't already been. Rei can keep up a supply of ten clones (replenishing them as they are destroyed) for little while before exhausting herself, but usually uses this technique in a more…original manner then throwing waves of bodies at someone.
*Saiman Jutsu - Musou no Jutsu (Hypnotism Technique - Mind Blank Technique) - A powerful but subtle doujutsu technique unique to the Chinatsu family, Rei casts an illusion of an enemy's senses that makes her all but invisible to them. To the victim, they can't see, hear, or even smell her even if they know she is still there.
*Jisoku no Jutsu (Pretense of Speed Technique) - An insidious technique, Rei causes the victim of this jutsu to believe she is moving faster then she actually is which can have them over-compensating for what they 'think' is happening. This usually leaves their defenses full of holes for Rei to exploit.
*Saimin Jutsu - Kage Kiai (Hypnotism Technique - Otherworldly Scream) - By means of this Chinatsu family doujutsu, Rei projects a piercing scream into the mind of someone who meets her eyes. This screech is loud enough to stun and terrify most people, and if she puts enough chakra behind it could even cause them to start bleeding out of their ears.
*Saimin no Jutsu (Hypnotism Technique) - The most basic of the Chinatsu techniques, Rei can compel someone who looks into her eyes to feel much calmer and at ease with the world around them. While victims become suggestible in this state, the control is not complete and can't compel a victim to do something utterly against their nature. (For most people, the command to kill a cherished friend would be ignored and break the jutsu as an example)
*Majikkumira no Jutsu (Magic Mirror technique) - One of her few favorite, non-doujutsu, genjutsu techniques, by way of this jutsu Rei can create mirror images of herself that act on her mental commands. These images hold no substance to them and can't actually harm someone, but one of Rei's favorite tactics is to mix kage bunshins, mirror images, and herself all into one big mash so the enemy doesn't know which Rei is real, which is fake, and which can even hurt them in the first place.
*Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Technique) - Rei is more then happy to take advantage of males by using the power of perversion to over come their good sense and leave them open. If they knock themselves by way of nosebleed then it's a win and victory for her since she doesn't even need to do anything more to humiliate them. Usually she simply transform into a nude or barely clothed version of whatever form she is currently in (or her default form) rather then into something completely different. Or, on rare occasions, a male form for female opponents.
*Hāremu no Jutsu (Harem Jutsu) - A variation on the Oiroke no Jutsu, Rei has and will use the oiroke no jutsu on her shadow clones to swamp an enemy. How she determines if she should or shouldn't is a bit of a mystery.
*Oiroke: Onnanoko Dōshi no Jutsu (Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique) - The fastest way to get Rei both laughing her ass off and fighting mad is to fall victim to this technique. Again, the mechanics of which are obvious.

Special Abilities:*

  • Weapons: Rei carries numerous kunai, senbon needles, and a rather peculiar sword on her person at all times and all of them are liberally smeared with a paralytic poison. Her snake, Iba (which is usually enlarged by a jutsu when used to fight), is also seen used as a weapon or even a ride in the middle of combat. While she knows no special techniques to use any of the above tools, despite the training need to use them proficiently, she is adept in their use.
  • Hide Chakra: As the ability pretty much says, Rei is able to disguise her chakra to seem 'less then she is' while in disguise. Her ability to do such is quite skilled and it'd take someone able to sense chakra to tell there was something more to her.
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