Name: "Chains"
Classification: 'Otokjage', S-rank
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Exact measurements unknown
Weight: Exact measurements unknown
Gender: Male
Blood type: Unknown

  • Unknown

Appearance: A tall, muscular, but rather oddly-proportioned man. His limbs seem a little too long, his hands a little too large, for his frame. Very little of his flesh is visible - his entire body is wrapped in ragged grey bandages, and thick metal chains which clink faintly with every movement he makes.

Over the bandages and chains, he is wearing a mud-brown leather jerkin open at the front to reveal his bandaged and chained chest. He is also wearing heavy leather boots which are scuffed and cracked with age, and loose flannel trousers. Shoved through the chains around his waist is a scabbarded sword.

His face is entirely covered in the bandages, and a single chain is escaping from a slit in the bandages around his throat and running down to form the rest of the chains which wrap his body. The only parts of his face which aren't bandaged are his jaw, which reveals his flesh to be leathery and dark, and a single eye, sunken deep within shadow and glowing faintly red. A few tufts of colorless hair escape from between the bandages at the top of his head, as well.

Personality: Chains is a mercenary, who works for the highest bidder, doing whatever needs doing in exchange for cash. Most of said cash is immediately spent on sake, gambling, and women. Chains is cunning rather than clever, and for enough money he can be exceedingly loyal. He is also direct, gruff, and dislikes long speeches, although he tends to be at least somewhat polite if there's no reason not to be. He has very little in the way of morals.

Bloodline: None

Notable Jutsu:

Chains is a specialist in taijutsu, especially when it comes to swordplay in which he is a master, and has incredible speed and strength as a result. He is an accomplished master of Shunshin no Jutsu - i.e. the art of "Body Flicker." His sword appears normal when in it's scabbard, but when drawn, it is revealed that actually the "blade" is actually a long chain. The chain can lock up straight and act as a normal sword, or become flexible like a normal chain, at any time. It is also capable of extending and retracting at will.

Special Abilities:*

Chains has also channelled chakra throughout the chains which adorn his body, allowing him complete control over them - he can use them to wrap, strangle, parry, and grab, as he wishes.

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