Aokigami Yuu

Name/Rank: Aokigami Yuu/Genin (last name, first name)
Classification: D-class
Birthdate: May 5
Age: 12
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 90 lbs
Gender: male
Blood type: B+
•Rai no Kuni/Land of lightning
Appearance: Yuu is a rather small person of indeterminable gender, with light-brown hair and yellow eyes with four-pointed pupils.
Most of the time he wear a sleeveless baggy shirt, equally baggy pants with kunai and scroll holders attached and what appears to be long straps of cloth tied around his waist.


Personality: Yuu is at least a bit insane and impulsive, he fight for fun and do his missions the way he wants and many times get into much more dangerous situations that his teachers would prefer him to. He would lick blood off his arm instead of drying it of simply to taste it, to give an example. In a group he is often the opposite of a voice of reason. His approval might be a good reason to rethink the plan.
Backstory: Yuu is the son of the youngest of two brothers of the aokigami family, a minor family likely to be descended from a more important clan, and a kunoichi from Kirigakure that the father met during a travel to the city. Yuu grew up in Kumogakure but most of his early training was done by his mother, thus explaining his preference of water-based Jutsu. The Honpu no jutsu was something he learned from a teacher after having shown potential with this type of Ninjutsu.
Bloodline: The Aokigami family possesses the kingan (Gold eyes), a doujutsu that allows the shinobi to see active chakra and it's form in what resembles an opposite heat vision, for example, if a genjutsu is used to attemp to trick the Aokigami he or she would see a faint blue glow on the illusion, a more concentrated chakra such as with certain ninjutsu will in turn look like a powerful blue light, Yuu has not yet mastered this Doujutsu enough to use it constantly and thus only activates it when needed. This is what causes the strange eyes Yuu posses.
Notable Jutsu:
•Honpu no jutsu: Yuu can control the straps of cloth tied around his waist as extra arms, when used like this they are flexible enough to hold a kunai and strong enough to withstand an axe. Contrary to the Doujutsu this jutsu doesn't require much chakra and is often used regulary. Yuu usually fight with these, using them to hold more kunai and to allow his hands to be free to make hand seals. This jutsu work on any piece of cloth but cannot alter it's shape and size and needs it to be in contact with the user.
•Suirō no Jutsu: The same jutsu Zabuza used to create the water prison he trapped Kakashi in. Yuu usually use this if something has chaught his interest during a fight or other situations akin to that.
•Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu : Creates a water clone with 10% of the originals strenght.

Ninjutsu: Yuu's primary focus, he has been noted to have an affinity for manipulative and transformative Jutsu such as the Honpu no jutsu and Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu.
Genjutsu: Yuu is pretty bad at genjutsu, only managing simple Henge no Jutsu.
Taijutsu: Yuu's secondary focus, while he doesn't know any powerful taijutsu his fighting skills are above average.
Special Abilities:
•Speed, Yuu is rather fast though in turn not overly strong.
•Affinity for manipulative and transformative Jutsu.

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