Abe Masami

Name: Abe Masami
Classification: Special Jounin, B-Class
Birthdate: August 27th
Age: Twenty-one
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124
Gender: Female
Blood type: O-

  • Abe clan (as a independent power)
  • Abe clan (as a family)

Appearance: Masami can easily be described as an attractive young woman, fitting her name quite well, but many don't get a chance to appreciate it underneath of the layers of the blue and gray kimono that she wears the majority of the time. Black hair is kept short to avoid it getting in the way though some effort needs to be taken in order to make sure it doesn't fall in front of her stormy gray eyes. It's not hard to believe that Masami is from the Hidden Mist, because it looks as if she's never been out in the sun before with her pale skin. A Kiri-headband is tied about her throat with the Kirigakure symbol scratched out, to always remind Masami of where the Abe first began, but otherwise she bears no other signs of where she might be from. The neckline of her blue kimono festooned with gray flowers is pulled open just a bit to allow a glimpse at her large chest, but the truth was so it allowed for some slack in her voluminous sleeves. Sleeves that, if someone can catch a glimpse up them, contain a bizarre reel-like thing strapped to her upper arms that has multiple lengths of ninja wire coiled about it. On the end of each length of wire is a weighted bell just a little larger than a normal person's fist with little thorn-like barbs on it, which would explain the delicate tinkling noise of bells that seems to follow her sometimes. Kunai and caltrops can also be seen concealed in clever pockets sewn into the interior of the sleeves.

The picture above is actually remarkably accurate to how she looks and was drawn by an admirer of her's in Kirigakure as a gift. Obviously the colors of her kimono and how…revealing it was had been romanticized on the belief it would impress her. It didn't.

Personality: Masami's personality is at odds with what one might expect to come from a shinobi who has been born from Kirigakure's brutal selection process for shinobi, being calm and collected despite whatever events might be surrounding her at the time. The truth is that being raised as nobility and always having to conceal the presence of her kekki genkai all her life has left Masami with the impression that to open up to someone was to invite them to try and kill her. Thus she found refuge in the mannerisms of the nobility and the pursuit of proper hobbies outside of being a shinobi. Among the Abe clan, Masami serves some of the best tea and spends her free time painting in the castle gardens as a result, not that anyone is complaining considering the trouble she could get up to.

As a shinobi, Masami is loyal to the leadership of the Abe clan and her immediate family, trying to put those concerns over any she might have herself as a matter of course. She actually spends most of her time in the divination chambers of the Abe, trying to scour the future for portents of dangerous things to come and has on several occasions spotted something her peers has missed simply because she looked longer then they did. However, as one of the few nobles able to use their gift in combat, it also means she is one of the few who is sent outside of Ayasoma at this time to complete missions. But this has also lead Masami to realize just how…small the Abe clan is and thus while she's off of the island she spends a fair amount of time trying to find dependable and trustworthy shinobi…then tries to convince them to defect to the Abe clan or put in a good word to their superiors on the Abe's behalf. Unfortunately suddenly being able to live in the open hasn't done much to lower Masami's emotional walls, so there are still few who would call her a 'friend' at this time, even if she has begun to look for some she could call that.


The Abe bloodline has become remarkably well known in a short amount of time, due in large part to the number of false rumors that surround it. Masami's is no different. Like most Abe with the bloodline, she can fall into dream-like trances in the special divining chambers in the Abe stronghold to try and catch glimpses of the future, and has proven quite successful at doing just that. However, unlike most Abe nobles, she has proven herself capable of using the Abe bloodline in actual combat to great effectiveness. Though, at the moment, she is only capable of sustaining it for a total of a minute throughout the course of an entire day (if she performs no jutsu) she has been working hard on extending that limit as far as she can and using it to ever greater effectiveness.

Notable Jutsu:

*Yume no youna joukei (Dreamscape) - A deceptively simple genjutsu that is easy to miss even when searching for it, Yume no youna joukei briefly traps the target in a peaceful setting that relaxes the body and mind. Harmless on it's own, especially since a target's body will still attempt to protect itself if attacked, it is very difficult to break normally and allows the victim to be affected by the much more dangerous Hakujitsumu jutsu.
*Utsukushii Yoake (Beautiful Dawn) - The most powerful of Masami's non-lethal genjutsu techniques, it is able to affect any one within thirty feet of her who has a clear line of sight to Masami. For those affected by it, it seems as if Masami begins to glow like the rising sun before the glow erupts into an explosion of light with a deafening crash that stuns and weakens those affected by it. Most people look at her automatically when she seems to begin glowing, but those who know of the technique or have seen her do it before can sometimes refrain from seeing the second portion of the technique and avoid being stunned by it.
*Doonbureekaa (Dawn Breaker)- A technique that is the culmination of Masami's training in taijutsu and practice with her battle precognition, it is a jutsu similar in effect to the Hyuuga's Hakkeshō Kaiten in that it is used primarily as a defensive measure to keep opponents from entering into melee with her. Typically this technique is used with her battle precognition, to know when she is going to be attacked, at which point she lowers the weighted bells in her sleeves and begins to spin at high speeds. The end result is that the morning-star like bells twirl around her as she spins, smashing into opponents with surprising force and possibly spinning about their limbs or bodies to bind them in place, though this is rare. It has also proven capable of deflecting projectiles, but only if they come in large enough numbers since, unlike the Hyuuga technique, the Doonbureekaa has many openings in it for senbon, shuriken, and kunai to slip through. It's the threat of instant and painful retaliation that makes it a defense against melee since any taijutsu user who exploits one of the many openings is putting him/herself at serious risk of the bells catching them. Despite the fact it could be used offensively, Masami has never done so since it would involve her getting closer to her enemies then she is comfortable doing.
*Hakujitsumu (Waking Dream) - An odd genjutsu, it can only be used on those already under the effect of Yume no Youna Joukei since it affects the dream realm that the previous attack traps them in. By way of this technique, Masami disrupts or destroys the dream-realm in some fashion (it depends on who she is using it on) and the end result is causing a physical sense of pain and mental exhaustion/damage to the target. Usually this sudden trauma is enough to jar the victim out of the Yume no Youna Joukei jutsu, so Masami tries to disrupt the dream realm in a fashion the target might personally be more affected by to enhance the effect (Burning it down to someone afraid of fire for example).
*Seirei no hogosha (Spirit Protector) - This dangerous genjutsu serves as Masami's last, and best, line of defense should the Doonbureekaa fail, surrounding Masami with an ominous cloud of black smoke that takes the vague shape of some demonic creature with glowing red eyes. It's mere presence triggers terror of varying degrees in most people, even shinobi, but doesn't seem to do much more unless one attacks Masami herself. At which point great smoky claws reach out to swipe at enemies, causing no wounds but certainly feeling like they do. The true effect is a subtle haze over the mind of those affected by it, causing them to perceive Masami as three feet to the right of where she really is though to them it looks as if the smoke demon blocks their blows. Unfortunately, this only works on people when they use an attack specifically targeted at Masami, since anyone who uses a ninjutsu that affects an area quickly realize they've been had when their ninjutsu hits a target they can't see. Taijutsu and genjutsu users have a tougher time of figuring out she's not really where she seems to be, but there are clues.
*Mayonaka no Gyakusatsu (Midnight Massacre) - One of the Abe's clans few forbidden jutsu, the Mayonaka no Gyakusatsu deserves the label as much as any other forbidden technique does and Masami only uses it as a very last resort. By way of this genjutsu, Masami creates the illusion that night has fallen which alerts most people that it is in fact a genjutsu, but that doesn't do much in helping them resist it. Once in the illusion, the targets feel as if they are being hunted by something hidden in the darkness, but it doesn't attack until the victims of the jutsu try to do so for the first time. Once they do shadow-like demons set upon the attacker and set about ripping them to pieces. This jutsu is forbidden because if the demons succeed, those affected by Mayonaka no Gyakusatsu fall to the ground dead with an expression of horror on their face. It is possible to fight off the demons, though it's very difficult to do so, and if they do then Mayonaka no Gyakusatsu will no longer affect that individual again. Though they can still see what is happening to others and if the shadow demons have set upon them. Unfortunately, the genjutsu works on the caster as well, meaning Masami can't attack her opponents either for fear of the same fate.
*Chakura kenshutsu (Chakra Detection) - Self explanatory considering that Masami's bloodline makes her pre-disposed to being a sensor-type rather then just a skill she has learned along the way.

Chakra Control: Due to the limited amount of Masami's chakra reserves and the finely tuned nature of her genjutsu, she has by necessity had to develop phenomenal chakra control to be able to stand a chance in battle. In the simplest terms, she has to make every bit count. This has lead to other, lesser, benefits such as an aptitude for sensing chakra and such, but they don't bear specific mention.

Ninjutsu: Aside from a few basic ninjutsu such as the kawarimi no jutsu, bunshin no jutsu, and henge no jutsu, Masami knows no other ninjutsu techniques. They are, quite simply, too difficult for her to use and require too much chakra. The exception is one or two basic medical jutsu to close light wounds or lessen the severity of others, the other benefit of her sublime chakra control.

Genjutsu: Masami's ability with genjutsu, combined with the precognition she's able to manifest in short spurts in combat, are the primary areas of strength for the Abe noble. Most of her jutsu are subtle things, involving sleep or distortion of the senses, but her Mayonaka no Gyakusatsu (a forbidden clan jutsu) and Seirei no Hogosha techniques are to be well-respected and feared.

Taijutsu: Although the vast majority of Masami's potential and skill lies with her genjutsu, she has realized there will be times when someone will be able to resist such tactics and be able to close into melee with her. Thus she has taken some pain to develop a respectable quickness in order to avoid melee attacks, to go in hand with her battle precognition. The culmination of all that effort is the Doonbureekaa jutsu.

Special Abilities:

  • Battle Precognition: It's as it sounds. Only capable of brief spurts at a time, extensive use of it requires Masami to use soldier pills to remain capable of fighting.
  • Speed: While quite capable of impressive dodging, it is otherwise unremarkable.
  • Strength: Normal.
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