Amegakure (The Village Hidden in Rain)

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Caught between several ancient mountain ranges, the Village Hidden in Rain suffers from bizarre geographic lift, the source of which is still uncertain today. Due to this, the interior of the mountain valleys and forests are similar to a deciduous rain forest, rain storms common at least four times a day, or prolonged daily downpours. The outward sides of the mountain seem unaffected by this strange power, their climate mostly unchanged save for the most powerful of storm systems, which can reach past the mountain ranges and clash with the weather patterns for violent effects. The country which holds the Village Hidden in Rain is widely unnamed, a buffer region between several of the Great Countries, created after the Third Great Ninja War, though the Village itself has been in the same location for far longer. Due to its difficult terrain, few chose to live here, more have moved since the lands have been consolidated into a buffer state. This has meant good things for the small, near dying Village Hidden in Rain, Missing-Nin the world over retreating to its confines for safety. Do to this, the Village Hidden in Rain is a mistrustful lot, ninja keeping to themselves unless a common goal is present. No known Kage exists, though whispers of a council have leaked into the political scene no earlier than five years ago. The Village Hidden in Rain is also noted for its brutal and time consuming testings, requiring all ninja to perform, including Missing-Nin.

The Geography of the Village Hidden in Rain

The general landscape of the Village Hidden in Rain is one of mountains, valleys and raging water. Rivers dominate the low lands, while waterfalls and streams criss cross the verdant slopes of the ever present mountains. All mountain water flows down to the valleys where they merge with the rivers, creating massive tributaries into the largest river known as the Moving Sea.

Places of Interest

The Moving Sea: A massive river set at the bottom of the mountain range that feeds into the sea.

The Village Hidden in Rain: While the entirety of the mountain valley complex is claimed by the Village, the Ninja training grounds and subsequent housing span a massive ravine, being built alongside the interior walls. Rain water is collected and funneled way from major locations by

The Bazaar: The people of the Village Hidden in Rain survive primarily from trade. Mining being a specific source of exports, while food is the highest import, trade centers exist all along the tributaries and The Moving Sea. The local Ninja and regular citizens of the Village Hidden in Rain can travel by boat between these centers, and many families live in large dhow’s that ply the Moving Sea like mobile shops and restaurants.

The Motsuu Shrine: The Motsuu Shrine has long been fabled as the source of the ever present clouds and rain that make the Village a dreary and most often wet place to live. The Motsuu Shrine is also the center of the Ninja Academy for the Village Hidden in Rain

Amegakure also seems to have some connection to the Shoku organization.


'Kage': Hazuma Kyo

Tokubetsu Jounin:
Genin: Hana

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