Abe Clan

In the civil war embroiled Land of Water, there is a long history of bloodshed and violence that stretches back to before even the first of the Shinobi Wars. Insurgency, rebellion, sedition, and terrorism by nascent groups attempting to usurp control of Kirigakure from the Mizukage or even control of the entire country from the Daimyo. That the well-respected Abe clan, a clan with strong bonds to Kirigakure, would attempt to establish itself as it's own Hidden Village was not surprising considering the opportunity offered up by the present chaos on the mainland with smaller countries banding together. However what came as a surprise to the Land of Water wasn't the newest withdrawal from their ranks, but the sudden revelation that the Abe clan had managed to conceal the presence of a potent bloodline among their ranks that had survived the purges shook the core of Kirigakure's leadership. It was, in part, because of this reveal that the Abe clan was able to escape to a decently large island rimmed with rocky cliffs named Ayasoma, secure the native population, and establish their own small but potent Hidden Village before Kirigakure could stop them.

In a surprisingly short time, as they delayed a wrathful Kirigakure with diplomacy, the Abe clan was able to fulfill several important missions that won them the support of the local daimyos and were able to convince Kirigakure to back off…for the moment. By presenting a unique service, winning the support of local lords, and securing a highly defensible island the Abe clan has become the largest thorn in the side of the Hidden Mist that has emerged in recent years. Despite this meteoric rise to prominence, the Abe clan is not without problems of it's own. Even if they have been a fair and just mediator of the lands under their rule, people still look upon the 'nobles' of the clan as monsters and weapons to be destroyed which has weakened it's influence among the common people as they try to remove the stigma against bloodlines. Likewise, they've had a problem with fending off missing-nin who believe that the Abe clan is much like Amegakure and thus a home to criminals and misfit ninjas who have abandoned their home village. While the clan might welcome their strength and knowledge, the Abe leadership realize that to harbor missing-nin would be all the reason that Kirigakure needs to send the Hunter-nin to their island or possibly even annex the island back under their rule. Of course, some missing-nin are unwilling to simply…pack up and leave which has sparked some serious conflicts as the small clan rooted out groups of missing-nin who have banded together in an attempt to wrest the island from the Abe.

Military Strength

As is befitting of a small clan, the raw military power of the Abe clan is not particularly numerous or wide spread but those weren't the factors that contributed to their rise either. Barely numbering over thirty shinobi, the Abe has enough shinobi to defend it's island and to take on perhaps a single job or two at a time, but little more. This is do, in part, to the fact that the Abe have not yet welcomed outside shinobi into their ranks yet and have preferred to keep its ranks full only of actual clansmen/women and those who are initiated into their ranks through a public ceremony. While this has the obvious downside of decreasing the total shinobi the Abe have access to, it has allowed them to prune any malcontents or dissenters from among their ranks before they even join them, meaning that an Abe shinobi is high unlikely to betray his/her village unless under some form of compulsion or heavy torture. Ayasoma island is completely encased within a rocky coast-line that has few beach heads for invaders to land on, each of which is under guard and fortified as a measure to keep the Abe and the civilians on the island safe from harm. To top off their impressive defensive measures, the center of the island is home to one of the daimyo supporters of the Abe and his castle doubles as the base for the clan as well.

Outside of the measures they have taken to defend themselves though, the Abe clan still has two noticeable talents that have helped them to begin securing their own unique role in the world. Their first talent, much like the Kurosawa clan of Kumogakure, is a unique combination of genjutsu and taijutsu to forge a new and frightening style of combat that plays to a weakness most shinobi don't realize that they have. While the individual tactics between Abe shinobi might vary, the use of genjutsu to set up a fatal strike or even to enhance a deadly strike has been turned into an art form by the Abe clan. As a side effect of this though, the Abe have also become quite good at distilling pharmaceutical drugs and poisons which have lead some to begin exploring the benefit of medical ninjutsu.

The second talent, and the one that has garnered them so many supporters and detractors so fast is the potent bloodline that dwells in a select few members of the clan, or the 'nobles' of the Abe. These shinobi, through complex rites similar in some fashions to group summonings, are able to try and peer into the future for hints of what is to come. While their divinations are far from perfect, they have allowed the Abe clan to offer a unique service to paranoid business owners, feudal lords, and others in offering them glimpses at what is to come…for an exorbitant fee of course. Often times these divinations are nothing more then informing a paying customer that an attempt will be made on his life, that his family might be kidnapped, or that a certain person can accomplish a goal of his (but not if they actually will) but it has been enough to get them strong backing. This same talent has also allowed them to stay one step ahead of Kirigakure, so far, but it's only a matter of time until the Hidden Mist finds a way circumvent the Abe-clan's ability to divine the future which makes their claims of legitimacy all the more important to attain. However, particularly chaotic events or those that affect things on a large enough scale can't be divined by the Abe and instead distort their dream visions to the point that all the Abe know is 'something big is going to happen' and nothing more. In battle, the bloodline usually just manifests as excellent reflexes since it is difficult to use the bloodline without medicinal aids and can get an un-prepared shinobi killed with the sudden influx of information to cover all the possible 'routes' the future could take in combat. However, a few members of the Abe (those most often sent on missions actually) are capable of using this precognition effectively in combat though it still has lethal limitations. While one of this shinobi is capable of sorting out and understanding the content of what they see coming, it doesn't actually enhance the user's body at all making this precognition useless if the user can't respond in time, and add the fact that it consumes massive amounts of chakra to use. The longest known use of the Abe precognition was exactly two minutes by one of the greatest shinobi the Abe have ever created, after which he died almost immediately. Most modern nobles capable of combat precognition can barely manage a single minute before finding themselves exhausted, though the use of soldier pills has helped this problem slightly in allowing them to at least continue fighting after it's use. While these factors might make the battle precognition seem unusable, the opposite is the truth of the matter since within that time frame Abe shinobi are extremely dangerous. It becomes difficult, if not impossible, to land a deadly hit on them while their own strikes tend to find the mark with eerie regularity for an end result that's made a complicated problem for shinobi facing an Abe noble. How to kill one before they use their battle precognition and if that proves impossible, how to survive until their chakra runs out and they become open to attack once more.

Their tendency of sending these precognitive nobles out on missions outside of their island has fostered the belief that all of the Abe possesses the bloodline and that level of skill. Which is exactly how the Abe leaders want it, since such a reputation can only deter potential attackers before they even start.


The Abe clan does not have the diplomatic foundation that they might wish they did. Kirigakure, for obvious reasons, resents the upstart clan and has only refrained an assault so far by the order of the Daimyo of the Land of Water. While this might make it seem like Kirigakure's enemies would support the Abe, the opposite is the case since the clan's rebellion is not wide-spread news yet. Compounded also by the fact many opponents of Kirigakure believe the Abe to just be a particularly lucky rebellion that will just take longer to be squashed then normal.


The Abe clan has forged it's reputation out of the fact that they can go up against a larger, and sometimes stronger, opponent and still emerge victorious or at least force a draw. Many accredit it to their diviners.

Tis rumored that the Abe have sent messengers to Iwagakure and Konohagakure looking for support, but the existence of such a plea hasn't been confirmed.


Noble: Abe Masami

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